Many men have accepted that they can’t help but be promiscuous and ladies have also concluded that it’s normal for a man not to be faithful.  But I dare say: there is nothing about a man that makes promiscuity natural; it’s simply a matter of choice! Follow me on Brother Brothers today as I share with you how many men have chosen promiscuity. 

Many people still erroneously think polygamy or promiscuity is in their nature because they fail to realize how they unconsciously subscribed to the lifestyle until it wields overpowering influence on their lives.


Like I said, earlier, if God designed man to need two women of different body structures, colour or height to get sexual satisfaction, He would NOT have created one babe for Bro Adam.


God recognised that it’s not good for Adam to stay alone and He knows that the best number of women to cure his aloneness is one woman! Not two!


Men started acquiring more than one wife because of their failure to control their sexual desires. They allow their feelings to control common sense. Just like the sin of coveting what doesn’t belong to you, men decided to seek what doesn’t belong to them.


Promiscuity is not in any man’s genes; some men by virtue of their background, upbringing, exposure, value system chose the way of promiscuity or exposed themselves to an overpowering force of promiscuity or polygamy.


Father Abraham was a man of one wife until his wife out of desperation for a child decided to give out her slave to him who gave him Ismail. As a single guy, the biblical Joseph the dreamer had not sexual scandal of unbridled sexual desires associated with him. In fact, even when he was pressured days by day by a woman, whom by virtue of his husband’s calibre, we presume to be beautiful, he didn’t budge.


If promiscuity were genetic, he would not have resisted such daily pressures from a powerful woman in a strange land! He simply chose not to subscribe to it because it will displease God. It’s was his choice; not a chance occurrence!


Don’t tell me about politicians, preachers, business gurus and wealthy people who have track record of promiscuity. Their position and influence didn’t make them promiscuous. They simply chose to be! After all, there are many men like them who are still men of one woman!



Don’t tell me about King Solomon. The guy wanted to experiment with life by sleeping with many women. It’s wasn’t because he can’t control his sexual desires; it’s simply adventure on sexual pleasure. After his experiment, he gave us the result: there is nothing like for a man to marry one wife.


If a pro  womanizer Like King Solomon tells us that there is nothing like for a man to have one woman, who am I to refute him? My name is Brojid, not Thomas! I would rather work with the result of his finding than use myself as another experiment!


Chinese people must have experiment on this matter when they said, ‘love one woman and you love them all, love many you love none.’


Some men have choose the way of uncontrolled sexual desire because their fathers, uncles and early moulders made them think so. Painfully, men women planted this lie in the heart of their sons because of either their experiences or those of her friends and relations.


If that’s your case, you have to take responsibility and seek lifestyle upgrade. It’s a deficiency and must be worked on until you have victory over it. Don’t shift blame to who may have caused it, take responsibility for your life and seek help!

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Some men chose promiscuity by hanging out and making friends with people who have no control over their sexual desires. That’s why despite the numerous New Year resolutions, they seem stuck on the bad lifestyle.


Some people have also been slaves to their sexual desire because they accepted the lie that in getting sexual satisfaction, variety is the spice of life. What a lie! Adam, needed only one woman, if you think you need more than one, I start wondering whether you descended from Adam or Charles Darvin’s Ape.


‘Brojid, you are running your mouth because you are not married; can you eat Egusi soup every day?’




One, am not running my mouth; am just sharing with you the frank truth.  As for the egusi soup question, my wife won’t  be Egusi soup; she will either be Zainab, Funke, Essin or Ifeoma. #Smiles. That’s on a lighter note. But seriously, I don’t like to eat Egusi soup every day, but if we assume that my wife is an Egusi soup that has to be eaten every day, I will eat her daily with variety!


Like Egusi soup, I will sometimes use bitter leave, Ugu leaves, fish, mean or chicken to give it variety. I will simply put variety that will make the only soup that God allows me to eat taste good and different almost all the time.

You get what I mean abi? I won’t say more than this, just in case an underage is reading this.  #Smiles.


My point?


Promiscuity is not in a man’s nature; some men simply chose it! Let’s us choose chastity and model it to our sons so as to end this cycle of lose sex lifestyle.

Meanwhile, if you need more help on how to control your sexual urge, please get in touch with us for a live or online coaching session that will help you put your time to maximum use. Do well to freely share this post with another person. It may be what someone needs to attain peak performance in his life and work.



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Joseph Dinwoke

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