Great Sex

Great Sex

As I write this, I’m unrepentantly in love with a young woman* and right from the time she said yes to my manifesto, I explained to her that I don’t believe in SEX before marriage.


My reason is simple – sex before marriage is fornication which is still a SIN!


Moreover, it’s not in keeping with the New Life I have in Christ Jesus which gives me dominion over sin**.


Therefore, we set some boundaries and agreed to principles that will guide us towards chastity as long as our courtship lasts. The book, What’s the Big Deal About Kissing? was written, partly, as a guide for our relationship.


However, as we grow stronger in our affection for each other, the temptation to break those boundaries and disregard the principles has been on the increase. In response to that situation, I wrote her this letter.


However, when I realized that you and many other youths like us may be in our situation, I took permission from her to publish this letter as a mini book.


If it blesses you, let me know and do well to freely share with others!


You can download a free copy HERE

*To learn the truths that helped me choose her, please  download and read a free copy of  God is a Matchmaker

** You can learn how to gain dominion over sin by listening to these series Dominion over Sin by Pastor Bankie