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Brojid Resources

In keeping with our mission of empowering your a successful sojourn on campus, we have packaged a collection of resources to help you deal with your academic challenges, boost your performance in school and prepare for life after school. They are carefully and thoroughly prepared to provide you lasting and profitable value.


You can overlook them and wallow in the pains you currently suffer and sink deeper into poor performance in school or grab them and enjoy the benefit of learning what really works in your pursuit of academic excellence and avoiding the mistakes those ahead of you learnt the hard way. They are crafted with the primary goal of boosting your performance in school and positioning you for career exploits upon graduation.


1. Quick Recall System: Many students go for lecture, read their materials and even attend tutorials; but fail to recall in their exam. The problem is that they either cheat, get caught and risk rustication or failure in their exam.

Now, I know what it means to get into an exam and forget what you have read or you have been taught without any means of getting your answer while in the exam and I would want the last time you experienced something like that to be the very last.


That will be possible if you learn my quick recall secret which I have poured in this course, Quick Recall System. In it, you will learn why you forget what you read during exam, how to ensure you remember ANYTHING you read inside exam hall and even months and years afterwards.

 Price: N1,200 / $5

 2. Lecture Decoding Hack: If you sit down for your lectures or read your course materials; but don’t seem to grasp anything from the lecturer, it could be that the lecturer is a bad teacher or you are just unable to decode the subject.


Whichever may be your situation, Lecture Decoding Hack is designed to teach you how to understand your lecturers in

class and decode your lecture materials so well you not just excel in your exam; but teach your classmates.


Consuming this programme equips you to understand your lectures fast and save you the pain of poor performance in case of sudden tests or jam-packed exam timetable.

Price: N1,500 / $7

3. Overcoming Excessive Sleep: In school, you often have lots of materials to study to be fully prepared for your exam. But you can’t do it when you spend all your time sleeping.


I understand that you may not sleep out of your volition; but seem overpowered by sleep each time you want to read. If that’s your case, you are not alone and it may not be your village people or any demon.


There are many people like you. I used to be like you. I tried using some stimulant and drugs to stay awake; but when I found that they can damage vital organs in my body, I stopped taking any stimulant.


From my practice and trial, I developed a system that helps me keep awake and study whenever I want to study; even at night and that’s what you are getting when take hold of, Controlling Excessive Sleep.

Price: N1,500 / $7


4. Cracking Difficult Courses: If you find certain course/subject difficult; it’s a pity! I feel for you because you have to still take the course or write exam on the subject to get required CGP or credit.


I have been in that situation and I failed my course again and again until the need to move forward with my academic pushed me to seek why I find the course difficult while others don’t and why some courses I find simple are hard to others. I put to practice a formula I developed and passed the seemly difficult course.



The good thing is that the lessons have helped me in tackling any difficult course I encounter so well that I even teach fellow students such courses. When you get hold of Cracking Difficult Courses, you will learn why you find any course difficult, how to simplify it and gain mastery of it.

 Price: N1,500 / $7


5. Exam Delivery Mastery: Many smart and prepared students get into their exam hall and fumble not because of poor preparation or Village-People Effect; but because of failure to deliver their answers effectively. That’s why you sometime come out of your exam complaining about what you should have written; but couldn’t.

In Exam Delivery Mastery, you will learn the right mindset and attitude that will guarantee you excellent delivery of your answers in your exams and how to acquire them. You will equally learn how to write to the satisfaction of your examiner and stay clean of troubles inside your exam hall.

 Price: N1,200 / $5

5. Campus Survival on Lean Pocket: I know what it means to go to school with little financial support or while taking care of myself.


Since I know I can’t steal and to go and beg money dey hard me, I devised survival strategies that helped me and that’s what I poured into this programme, Campus Survival on Lean Pocket.

I designed the programme to show you how to survive as a student on low budget and it will be especially helpful if you are sponsoring yourself in school, have little support or trying to save money for big investment.

Price: N1,500 / $7

Each of these premium programmes is made up of a book and audio on each chapter of the book + access into my Peak Student Inner Circle—where I share exclusive insight that will boost your performance in school and position you for life after school.


Once you enter the inner circle, you can ask any question for clarification on anything that bothers you as well as get guidance in applying what you have learnt from any of the above programmes.


Although the key content is the same in the book and audio, you may find more examples, digressions and illustrations in the audio that will prove really useful and the audio helps you learn while you do laundry, walk to class or wait on queues.



Bonus Offer >>> If you order for any two of these programmes, you get Exam Delivery Mastery + Campus Survival on Lean Pocket as a bonus. It’s our way of supporting you for having enough sense to invest in yourself.


If you order for the first four, you get the Bonus Offer plus N1,000 discount.

To order any  or all of these materials, kindly pay to

Brojid World // 0726242067 // Acess Bank //Current Account

When you pay, get a screen short of your proof of payment, on your mobile app, or teller and send  plus <the programme you paid for> amount paid >Your name> delivery email> to [email protected].

If you have any problems or questions feel free to call our customer care-hotline on  0708 251 4917