Shut Up Konji

Shut Up Konji


If you are young, healthy, anointed, spiritual and have SEXUAL URGE, you are blessed of God most high. Your sexual urge (konji) is His blessing for your pleasure and procreation; not attack from the devil.



Only God could have built in such a perfect organ and desire for sex in us; the devil doesn’t have such capacity. So, bless His name for the gift of your sex organ and konji.



However, there is a proper time and procedure for every event under the sun – including expressing your sexual urge. The right time to give your gift of sexual desires expression is when you get married and ONLY with our spouse.



We have been told this by our parents since our childhood and our clerics have equally preached it to us. However, despite the multitude of sermons we have received and caution from our parents, the urge for sex won’t just go away.



I remember those days when I get so distracted that I had to read a chapter of my chemistry text thrice without any understanding whatsoever because konji hooked me so much that I could hardly concentrate.



It got to a point I even had to lay hands on my staff of office to cast out any demon tormenting my life from there. I went ahead to ask God to just kill the urge for sex and wake it up when it will be needed.



My dear, the demon didn’t go away and God never answered that prayer.



The urge grew in intensity as I grew up and I found myself stimulating my body to satisfy myself. I thought it was God’s wisdom for a single youth who can’t have sex until I realized it was wrong. Stimulating myself only eased off the pressure for sex; but INTENSIFIED the desire for the real thing – sex. So, it’s only foolishness to have continued in it.



I didn’t know how it feels to have sex and curiosity to understand why my sex organ behaved the way it did and possibly what happens to the girls afterwards drove me into reading all kinds of materials.



From there, I was lured into soft porn which graduated into full blown porn consumption.



This almost drove me to sex and it most certainly drained my time, energy and I could hardly find help.



While some of the people I sought help from told me to just pray and fast without prescribing practical things I should do, few others either didn’t offer any help or even encouraged it. I suffered the strong grip of konji, doing everything I can fathom to fight it off.



Today, my sexual urge doesn’t rule me again. I am in control.



Let me show you how it happened.



Instead of killing my desire for sex, God answered that prayer with wisdom to rule the urge. God helped me understand lifestyles and habits that fire up the desire for sex in me and pushes me to masturbation and what I have to do differently to be in charge of my urge.



I have applied it and seen it work in my life for so long a time that I know it’s not a fluke. I have been sharing the lessons I learnt with people through my blog posts and radio programme.


I didn’t want to write a book on this until I get married; however, when I see how young people seem to be under the bondage of their God-given sexual urge, I decided that it’s about time I shared what has been working for me.



In this book, Shut Up Konji, I detailed every wisdom that has helped me rule my sexual urge.



  • In it you will find how I was lured into pornography, how I gained freedom from it and how you can break away from it in less than 90 days.


  • I will show you lifestyles that fire up your desire for sex and how to stop them.



  • In a society like ours, you can’t escape seductive signals and exposure to soft porn through the media and on the street. That’s why I dedicated a chapter to teach you how to programme yourself not to be seduced or aroused by the ubiquity of soft porn in our society.



  • In the pages of this book are timeless wisdom that I have applied to maintain a chaste relationship with BrojidBae despite our strong affection for each other.



  • In the days when my sexual desire ruled me, most spiritual people I met didn’t help me; their counsel was essentially incomplete. That’s why I dedicated a chapter to show you how to strike a balance between praying and working to rule your konji.



This is over a 100-page book loaded with practical experiences and sound wisdom in fighting pornography, controlling my sexual urge and maintaining chaste relationship with the opposite sex.



The best means of getting this is by reading the book; however, we produced an audio programme based on every chapter of the book to help you gain the main meat of the book if you are so busy you won’t find time to read the book. Another reason for the audio is that you can easily listen to it when konji comes roaring.



We recognise that some people may need more detailed guide beyond the book and audio to help them apply what they learn, so we created a workbook that will serve as a guide in helping you apply the wisdom in each chapter.



The ShutUpKonjiPack  which includes:



  • The e-Book
  • Audio
  • Workbook and
  • Coaching


The Book

Shut Up Konji: Wisdom to Rule your Sexual Urge

The WorkBook

Shut Up Konji WorkBook

The Audio

1.                  My Konji Story

2.                 You Can Rule Konji

3.                 Shun pornography

4.                 Beware of Body Contacts

5.                 Mind Your Conversations

6.                 Associate for Strength

7.                 Guard Your Mind

8.                 Distract Your Konji

9.                 God Knows About Your Konji



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