BROJID.COM is an online lifestyle and inspirational portal with the guiding mission of serving its audience contents that will enable them maximize your phase of life, equip you for a great future and inspire you for peak performance in life and work.


We have been creating contents for our audience since September, 2012 and have built a community of loyal readers on our website.


We have recorded huge web statistics in terms of visits and accesses from our ever increasing visitors across the globe. We therefore present opportunity for individuals and organizations to advertise their products, services, art works, events or businesses to our ever increasing audience.


We have a wide range of advertising options that can give your business, brand or product the needed exposure.


Leader Banner

This is the most visible banner ad on the site. It is exposed to every visitor to the site irrespective of the device used – PC or Mobile. It’s the banner with maximum exposure on the site. It’s the first image visitors see on the site.


Post Banner

These are banners that are inserted into every post – features, articles, Vox Pop, interviews published on, irrespective of the date it’s published with the exception of sponsored posts.  These banners are exposed to every reader of the posts from everywhere in the world, anytime of the day, both on mobile device and PC.


Sidebar Banner

It’s hosted on the home page, exposing it to every visitor on our site. It’s exposed to every visitor whether they just stopped at the home page or read a post.

We publish 10-minutes podcasts on different subjects every day that have massive downloaded. Sponsorship for the ad means that we get to play your ad, no more than a minute long twice before the end of the podcast. Placing your ad on the podcast exposes it to the numerous people that will download it and your brand get exposed to them as they repeat the podcast and those they will.


Sponsored Posts

On our platform, we give businesses and individuals opportunity to publish contents ranging from sales letter, interviews, profiles, articles, features designed to help them make sales, announce their products or create good public image for their organizations.


Once published, they are permanent as long as the site exist which means they remain permanent sales letter that can always link people to your business, product, services, website and social media platforms.



**Integrated Promo


We assist our clients make a choice of the best of combination of advert types to choose for effective advertising and publicity. We guarantee a discount whenever, our clients are making a choice of multiple advert types.


For our rates and stats, kindly contact us through [email protected] or Text/Call/ WhatsApp: 08105504664