When Your Crush is Silent

When Your Crush is Silent

When a guy crushes on a lady, he usually gives her attention, gets close to her, showers her with love and eventually asks her out. If the lady is cool with him, they roll from friendship to marriage.


However, some guys will stop at showering the lady with love without stating their mission. Others won’t even get close and prefer to look from afar until they ‘gather liver’ to talk to the lady they really love (that is if they ever do).There are diverse reasons they do this, but key among the reasons are concerns such as:

“What if she says ‘No?’ “

“Am I really good enough for her?”

“Won’t she think me lower than her class?”

These are valid concerns and anyone who wants to ask a lady out could have them. Unfortunately, the fear of negative answer to these questions scares many from making the move towards confam ladies they meet.

This is more unfortunate when the lady in question also likes the guy and is expecting him to pop the question so she can say ‘yes’. I mean, there is a guy in your life you like and wish he will just ‘ask and he shall be answered’ by you; but he is not asking you because he doesn’t know if you will agree.

Truth is that we need to teach guys why they should be bold enough to ask any lady they like out. However, while we wait for them to learn, you can help them make the move for a wonderful forever-union with a little gesture—green light.

Similarly, there are times you find a guy you like and who also likes you; but traditionally, you can’t propose to the guy. I mean, our society thinks it’s the man that should propose. To avoid possible embarrassment that could come from lady-proposer-gone-wrong, the best you can do is give the guy green light.

Giving a guy green light is a move to signal a guy crushing on you that the feeling is mutual. It’s a way of letting a guy you like know that you like him without selling yourself cheap. It’s a combination of action and attitudes that communicates to a guy, “The feeling you have for me is mutual and if you ask me out, it will be a dream come true.”

Contrary to what many think, green light is not an act of desperation; it’s a smart move to help the guy you like take the needed bold step.

You know that guy that has been crushing on you, always staring at you, buying you sharwama, looking for excuse to gist and spend time with you without saying anything? A green light may be all he needs to start talking to you.

Giving a guy green light can actually go wrong and when it does, you become a laughing stock, get treated like trash and become heart broken. That’s why it’s important that you do it right.

There is a proper procedure for giving a guy green light without appearing cheap and desperate. That’s what this book is all about—to show you in plain terms how to let that guy that you like or who has shown interest in you know that you equally like him and won’t mind if he asks you out.

Specifically, in this book, you will learn:

  1. Five (5) sure signs that a guy is into you so that you don’t waste your time giving the wrong guy green light. Pg.9
  1. Four (4) reasons that guy close to you is reluctant in declaring his manifesto to you even when he likes you and has shown you love and how to use each of those reasons to give him signal. Pg.15
  1. How to mentally condition yourself to give a guy green light without releasing attitudes and words that make you appear cheap and desperate. Pg.26
  1. Four (4) ways to send your green light signal to any guy in a way that will make him recognise your value without appearing like a desperate girl. Pg.33
  1. Three (3) things that can make you appear desperate and cheap even when you are not, sabotage your green light moves and how to avoid them. Pg. 43
  1. What to do when you give your crush green light and he fails to recognise it to make the expected move. Pg.46

With this book, you can easily and quickly let any guy you like know that you like him without selling yourself cheap and desperate and enjoy the wonderful union that could come from such uniting of two hearts locked into each other.

Moreover, it comes with 6-part audio BONUS based on the 6 chapters of the book so you can still learn the same thing with your earphone if you were too busy to read.

The price of the book is N1,500 only.

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