I didn’t want to write a book on this until I get married; however, when I see how young people seem to be under the bondage of their God-given sexual urge, I decided that it’s about time I shared what has been working for me.

In this book, Shut Up Konji, I detailed every wisdom that has helped me rule my sexual urge.

  • In it you will find how I was lured into pornography, how I gained freedom from it and how you can break away from it in less than 90 days.
  • I will show you lifestyles that fire up your desire for sex and how to stop them.
  • In a society like ours, you can’t escape seductive signals and exposure to soft porn through the media and on the street. That’s why I dedicated a chapter to teach you how to programme yourself not to be seduced or aroused by the ubiquity of soft porn in our society.
  • In the pages of this book are timeless wisdom that I have applied to maintain a chaste relationship with BrojidBae despite our strong affection for each other.
  • In the days when my sexual desire ruled me, most spiritual people I met didn’t help me; their counsel was essentially incomplete. That’s why I dedicated a chapter to show you how to strike a balance between praying and working to rule your konji.

This is over a 100-page book loaded with practical experiences and sound wisdom in fighting pornography, controlling my sexual urge and maintaining chaste relationship with the opposite sex.

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As I write this, I’m unrepentantly in love with a young woman* and right from the time she said yes to my manifesto, I explained to her that I don’t believe in SEX before marriage.

My reason is simple – sex before marriage is fornication which is still a SIN!

Moreover, it’s not in keeping with the New Life I have in Christ Jesus which gives me dominion over sin**.

Therefore, we set some boundaries and agreed to principles that will guide us towards chastity as long as our courtship lasts. The book, What’s the Big Deal About Kissing? was written, partly, as a guide for our relationship.

However, as we grow stronger in our affection for each other, the temptation to break those boundaries and disregard the principles has been on the increase. In response to that situation, I wrote her this letter.

However, when I realized that you and many other youths like us may be in our situation, I took permission from her to publish this letter as a mini book.

If it blesses you, let me know and do well to freely share with others!

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*To learn the truths that helped me choose her, please  download and read a free copy of  God is a Matchmaker

** You can learn how to gain dominion over sin by listening to these series Dominion over Sin by Pastor Bankie

It’s a natural feeling in healthy adults to desire kissing a member of the opposite sex, especially if they love the person.


This feeling transcends religion, culture and background.


However, some persons believe that singles shouldn’t kiss because it’s a sin. But some disagree, saying that the scriptures do not categorically condemn kissing since it is not the same thing as sex.


These two opposing views have raised questions in the heart of many singles which can be couched thus: what’s the big deal about kissing?


In this book, my desire is to give my answer to this question and arm you with sufficient information to guide your steps.


It’s my heart desire that it blesses you as you read with an open heart. May God equally empower you to apply the truths you will learn in this book.


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On the 29th October, 2017 edition of my Radio Programme, Moment of Blessing, aired on Radio Nigeria Voice 96.7FM, a listener called in and talked about her husband that offends her every time and apologizes each time.


She asked me what she should do in the situation.


I attempted answering her in less than 2 minutes I had left at the tail end of the programme.

As I left the studio, I reflected on her question and realized that she is not the only one wanting an answer to the same question. Many of us have such questions bugging us every day.


Although, our case may not be that of a perpetually offending husband, we most certainly have people that offend us nearly all the time and therefore need to learn how to cope with them.

That’s why in this book, I want to share with you how to handle perpetual offenders.

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There is hardly any lady that doesn’t want to get married. In fact, marriage is one of the high points in a lady’s life. A BrojidSister* of mine called me and told me that someone wants to marry her and wanted my opinion and advice. I wanted to advise her on phone but when I realized that I have many things I needed to teach her which I would love her to read over and again, I decided to write to her.

I have seen many ladies who are bitter about their marriage and seen how others walked into pains in the name of marriage. Since I can’t choose  a husband for her, I outlined the blunders that led people to the wrong choice and how to make the right choice.  I gave her my best and sincere thoughts on marriage proposals and the reality of being married for her to read to and learn how to make a choice of proposal and avoid after-engagement regrets.

After sharing my thoughts on the matter of marriage with her, it occurred to me that another BrojidSister may need what I have shared with one person.

While I may not be able to reverse the wrong decision of many other ladies that are married, I know that I can help you make the right choice now that you are yet to walk down the aisle.

That’s why in this book, Choose Your Husband, I shared with you practical wisdom that will help you make the right choice of a husband. It is divided into easy to read chapters, written in live-talk style with relevant illustrations and examples to make your reading and understanding easy.


After presenting the December 6th edition of MomentofBlessing, focused on ending the year for best new year, on Radio Nigeria Voice 96.7FM, with my co-pilot, Loveth Eke, I felt strongly to package the though I shared in book format to share with those who couldn’t listen.

Packaging the book allowed me the space to give more details on what we discussed within the time allotted for the programme. Finally the mini book is ready!

To help you have end your year successfully and have best New Year ahead, I officially present to you this book, Seven Keys to a Successful Year End”. It is a free gift designed to help you avoid the mistakes you made in the passing year and lunch you into a great future.

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