When Your Crush No Send You

When Your Crush No Send You

At the ongoing Brojid Sisters Hangout on WhatsApp, Neche, asked, “What if the guy in question doesn’t have any of those aforementioned but his character still says he’s not going to propose anytime soon, what should the lady do then?” My answer is what you will find in this post.

First, my assumption is that you love this guy and that’s why it matters to you that he hasn’t said anything even though you are close and he may have even showered you with love.



Before I tell you what to do, just know that in this life, there are people you will love; but they no go just send you. That is, you are dying for them, but they are dying for another person. It’s not a bad thing; na so life be. So, just get used it.



Now, if a guy you love is behaving like he won’t ever propose, just start behaving like you won’t die if he never did. I don’t mean pretentious behaviour. It should be a behaviour borne out of an understanding of life, love and marriage.



Settle down in your heart and convince yourself of the TRUTH that there is no one guy whom if you don’t marry you won’t have a sweet marriage. There are many men that you can marry and still have the best of life with, it’s not that one particular person somewhere. If you think that this Chike that you know now is the best, wait until you meet Ayodele with a higher version of the attributes you are tripping for in Chike.


From my experience, there are girls I used to think that without them, I won’t find another correct bae. I found out that it’s not true as I went on in life. I married a confam babe; but she is not the only one. So, if that confam brother no send you, just wait until the one that will ‘send’ you.


When you are able to convince yourself that no guy is THE ONLY GOOD ONE, you will have the capacity to hold a guy loosely until he starts holding you tightly with his commitment in words and actions.



Now, write that statement down.


In this state of mind, you are able to carry yourself without desperation that can scare him away—if he is actually considering you. Also, you will be in that state of mind that you can give him green light without appearing desperate.


Yes, there is time for everything—including the time to give that brother you really like green light. 😉 There are guys that you like and they also like you but the fear of getting ‘No’ from you scares them so much that they say nothing. In fact, some look at you and feel intimidated; yet you are crushing on them wondering why they can’t open their mouth and talk. It’s such people that you give green light—not deep green o. Light green will do before his head starts swelling.😃


My point?


If the guy you really like is not behaving like he is really interested in you and won’t propose, find out if he needs a green light and give it to him in a way he won’t think you are cheap and desperate. If it’s not green light he needs to ‘gather liver’, my sister move on. He is not the only confam guy in town!


One more thing….No matter how much you love a guy and want to spend the rest of your life with him, just know that until he says something, the only thing you hear is, “I’m not into you.” Take your mind off him; it’s easier to bring it back to him than to be dealing with a heartbreak.


By the way you can learn how to determine the right guy to give green light and how to do it without appearing cheap & desperate in my book, ‘How to Give Your Crush Green Light Without Appearing Desperate’. *


PS: I hope I answered your question; if I didn’t please rephrase it. If there is an aspect I didn’t address, please call my attention to it. In fact, if you have another question arising from my answer, please shoot it.  That’s why #BrojidSisters Hangout was created.


PS: As we continue on the theme for this session of hangout, “When Your Guy is Silent”, you will learn other reasons why a guy can shower you with love; yet make no commitment to you.



* If you care for a copy of “‘How to Give Your Crush Green Light Without Appearing Desperate’ send ‘BS3GL’ to 08105504664 on WhatsApp for details on how to get your copy + the audio pack.

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