Graduation from any higher institution is impossible without execution of a research work and it comes with a huge unit load. For most students and researchers, the best they can get from their research works is an A or the point that accrue to them for promotion or professorship. However, you can get more – promote and profit from your research works.

With, you can get far more than an A. You can give your research more than your departmental exposure and take it to where the world converges for research materials and contents. No matter how original and ground breaking your research paper may have been if the world are unaware of its existence, it will remain in oblivion.


In a Raadaa official release, Founder/CEO Mr Chigozie Ezugwu, announced has over 25,000 active users from across the globe and thousands of research and over 7000 daily website views. This implies that Raadaa has become a community where your research materials and contents can get needed exposure to students, professors and researchers who can review your works, reference and popularize them.


Raadaa doesn’t just offer lasting storage where your research work can be easily accessed by anyone, anywhere in the world and reviews by other researchers around the world, it gives you a chance to monetize them!


There are number of monetization strategies for your research works available on Raadaa. Once you upload your research works or contents and request monetization, you will be paid at least $5 for every 1000 views on your work.


You also get paid for every person you refer to sign up on and when your referral uploads a research material or contests you get paid even more. Therefore, aside profiting from your research materials by uploading them on Raadaa, you also profit by inviting other to create their own free Raadaa account and upload their materials.


However, the biggest way to not only give your term paper, research work and contents wide exposure but earn very big with them is by participating in Raadaa Research competition. The competition is in category a – for graduates, professors and professionals and category b – for undergraduates from any higher institution.


Raadaa is partnering with Nigerian Academy of Science, Coal City University, Enugu and Peace Mass Transit to assess, host and reward top researchers with cash prizes and lecturing job in a Nigerian University at Raadaa Research Competition.


Speaking on the competition, Mr Ezugwu said, “At Raadaa, our mission is to break the barrier to information sharing in Africa and we believe we can achieve this by encouraging researchers with finances and environment for their researches. Cash prizes help them ease the burden they shoulder to carry out their research while a lecturing job gives them the right platform and environment to execute more research work.”


Take advantage of the free services that Raadaa offers to give your research works and term paper exposure and get huge cash prize from them. Start by creating your free account and then join the research competition. The research competition starting on May 1 and submission of entries will end on July 31 while prizes will be give to the winners on 11th August, 2017.


Take the first step by creating your free Raadaa account HERE.

Ifeanyi Dinwoke

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