Wisdom for the New Month

Wisdom for the New Month

We Praise God

Thanks be to God, the Father of our Lord Jesus who brought us into the new month alive. May His name be praised for the relative peace we have in our country today.


Yes, we may not have all that we desire or would have loved to, but we thank Him greatly for life and hope of a better life in this month.


My prayer for you in this new month is that God will continually be with you. May He perfect everything that concerns you. May you experience a visible manifestation of His blessings on the works of your hand.


Your light shall shine like the light of dawn, shining brighter and brighter unto the perfect day in Jesus name!


Prayer is Not Enough

Meanwhile, know that prayers alone are not enough. Prayers generate spiritual powers in our favour; but don’t absolve us of our responsibilities.


So, beyond prayers, understand your responsibilities and bury yourself in them knowing that they are not mutually exclusive.


Dont Remain in a Spot

No matter how good last month was for you, don’t remain on a spot. Step out to reach for the higher life ahead of you. I am certain that as long as we live, there is more to achieve and more territories to conquer.


Even if you have been in your present situation for a long time, don’t ever think you can’t make improvement. Reach for a better life ahead of you!


Appraise Yourself

A good step in this regard is appraising how your previous month was. How well or poorly did you perform?


Sometimes, what you need to live a better life or build a bigger business is to acquire a new skill or knowledge.


First, ascertain what that need is and go for it. Examine yourself to spot any knowledge gap that needs to be filled.


In your company, check the human resource you need which you don’t have. Find out that equipment which when you acquire will bring about a turnaround in your business.


Act on Your Appraisal

Please, don’t just stop at appraisal; act on it.  Take a step further and fill any lapses that have limited your performance and the result you get.

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Take that needed new step that will move you forward and push you to where you are meant to be.


Pay whatever you have to pay to improve on your skills and get the best kind of equipment;it’s an investment into your future.


It’s your price for the bigger wealth you can build, more influence you can make and improving your usefulness to your world.


Please, don’t be too hard on yourself; just do your own bit and allow God do His. We have prayed and He will come through for you.

PS: I recommend that you listen to the following podcast to learn more on the points I shared in this post: Don’t Stay on a Spot ; Power of Self-Appraisal & Profiting From Your Self-Appraisal. They are all free for download; your email address is not required for access.


Have a Super Productive Month!

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