Don’t Accept the Wrong Label

Don’t Accept the Wrong Label

In life, people will always give you label – a description which they believe suits you and perfectly describes who you can be by their estimation. They don’t just give their fellow humans label for fun; they do so based on their observations and analysis.


The big deal about labels given to us by others is that if we accept them to be true, they give our lives direction. When you accept that you cannot do well, the problem you will have is that things you should have done and excelled in, you won’t even bother trying because someone told you cannot do well.


In the same vein, when you accept that you cannot become anything you choose to focus on, you will see yourself backing out from opportunities presented to you.


The painful thing is that most of the times, people give you the wrong label; not because they hate you but because that’s the best description they can get for you.


However, no matter how accurate, sincere or logical they seem, they are often wrong.


The wrong label people give is often hinged on the record of their past, observation of their present, analysis of the two and consequent predication of their future.


That’s how come they make conclusions that are totally wrong!


Now, the interpretation of these parameters is sometimes faulty. It’s mainly as accurate as the interpreter’s mindset, values and orientation, not necessarily infallible truth. That’s why it’s possible for people to give you a wrong label while thinking they are accurate.


When they see you following hard after God, they will call you foolish because to the best of their knowledge, your steps will lead you only to poverty and mediocre life.


But that’s a wrong label you must reject!


The truth is that when you follow God fully, He will manifest Himself in your life and you will be a total demonstration of His power and abilities.


They watched your past of wayward living and the sorry state it has brought you today and therefore conclude that you cannot amount to anything.


Don’t mind them, it’s their judgment which is obviously faulty and don’t have any basis for establishment.


The truth is that if you put a stop to the lifestyle that has brought you to a sorry state and embrace a rewarding lifestyle, those who give you the wrong label today will not be able to recognise you tomorrow.


When they look at you from a poor background with all kinds of family wahala, they will pass the judgment that you are a never do well.


They will label you failure, not because they are wicked; but because they don’t have the capacity to grasp the fact that God can turn your life around.

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They are ignorant of the fact that men worse than you have beaten adversity to become inspiring stories of success.


The temptation many times is to accept the wrong label or attack those that give it to you. But I implore you not to do any of them.


Accepting the wrong label will limit you greatly and deny the world all the good things God deposited in you for them. Fighting the people that labeled you wrongly doesn’t change anything either.


Just. Reject. The wrong. Label!


It’s easy for people to judge you by your past and you also sometimes judge people by their past. But what makes the difference is whether your life turns out as they have judged or you live to prove them wrong.


I therefore charge you to live your life so as to prove them wrong! I don’t mean your goal should be proving them wrong; just focus on the great future ahead of you and live to actualize it so that it will be hard to fathom you had an ugly past.


My point?


When people give you a label based on their verdict on your past and present situation, it’s their opinion and they are totally entitled to it.


Don’t allow their subjective and faulty judgment give your life direction. If their judgment is correct, let it encourage you.


If they are wrong, live to make their poor judgment very glaring.



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Joseph Dinwoke

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