Maximizing the Gift of Wicked people

Maximizing the Gift of Wicked people

In life, we encounter all kinds of people and adjudge many of them wicked because they are mean and treat us badly. Those people we call wicked, and see them in a certain manner– we consider and treat them as enemies of our progress.


However, there is so much treasure locked up in such people that we often miss because we are simply ignorant of them or are not aware of how to take advantage of them.


On BrojidStepUp today, I want to share with you how to maximize the gift in those we call wicked.


The first thing I feel inclined to share with you is that you should be very very reluctant in labelling people wicked.


My reason is that who we often call wicked is the one who wants to do the right thing, move you and the organization where they work forward.


These kinds of people have standards and systems for getting result and most times, insist on following those systems to the letter.


They may have been groomed to behave exactly as they do because of the nature of their job or because they have undergone serious grooming in the crucible of training, education and work experience and they may not be able to break away from that lifestyle.


If you find such people around you as boss or colleague, don’t be quick to label them wicked.They may actually be assets whom if you settle down and pay attention to, you will become better.


The truth is that their strict way gets result; but it’s hardly palatable at the beginning. If you can make the necessary adjustments in your life and flow with it, over time it will become part of you and you will be happy you did.


So, if you find strict, professional and result oriented men and women around you anywhere and they seem to expect so much from you, they are not wicked people! They are actually your friend sent by God for your training and development. They are needed to pull you to a higher kind of life. They are created to produce a better you.


Here is what you do with people like that.


Settle down and start making adjustments in your life to fit into the grooming they are giving you. Stretch yourself beyond your comfort to meet up with their expectations. Do all you can to satisfy them and you will by that be preparing yourself for the great and beautiful future ahead of you.


Now, there are times that people are just mean and simply wicked, heartless and even hate you.


They sit down and wish that you fail and whenever they get the chance they will ensure that you fail. They will set traps for your downfall and be on the lookout for any mistake you will make so that they can strike you.


I dare say that such people are still gifts to you. You should look out for the treasure in them and take advantage of it.


The really wicked one will set traps for you to fall into and because they set traps for you, you should be more careful in your dealings. With your increased carefulness for about a year of trying to escape their traps, you would have cultivated a habit and that will transcend your work to the family and your life generally.


The really wicked fellow will be on the lookout for any blunder you will commit and because they are looking for any blunder to nail you, you will be careful to do everything the way it should be.


Doing things the right way will become your nature at work and in virtually every aspect of your life. That’s another plus for having a boss or colleague termed wicked because he/she always insists on due process.


The truly wicked person will try his best to mark you down during appraisal and for that you will work harder to exceed the expectations from your examiners.


The consequence is that you will become better at your work and become even more productive.


Indeed even the truly wicked and mean is a gift from God for your good and advancement in life.


Most Christians cry and complain when they get wicked treatment from people they call enemies and sometimes go as far as praying for the death of the so called enemies.


That is not necessary!


As a Christian, you should understand that God delights in every details of your life and perfects everything that concerns you. If He allows a seemly wicked person into your life, it’s most certainly in your best interest. It’s because you need them that He allows them to perfect certain details of your character and lifestyle.

Therefore, next time you encounter people like that, your reaction shouldn’t be to fire them dangerous prayers; but look closely to see the treasure in such people that God has prepared for you.


My point?

Many times, who we call wicked is actually not wicked. He is simply one who has been fashioned to stick to the standard and insist on professional practices.


Instead of labelling them wicked and standing in opposition to them, humble yourself under their strict and principled hand and you will become better and lifted by the refining you will get.


Even when you encounter really wicked people, don’t fight them; let their wickedness and hatred for you burst open a character trait that has been dormant in your life and instil in you virtues that you never possessed.


The wicked is actually a gift to you; instead of fighting him, condition your mind to maximize his giftedness to you!

Ifeanyi Dinwoke

Ifeanyichukwu 'Brojid' Dinwoke is a Media Strategist, Web Developer & Book Publisher. At Brojid World, he creates blog, podcast, and book that inspire you for peak performance in life and work. He is madly in love with Chidinma Eberechukwu (@chidinmadinwoke) who agreed to be the wife of his youth!

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