In the last edition of Scriptural Sense, entitled, God Shows the Best Path, I explained that God shows people the way to take when they come to cross roads and don’t know the right way they should go. But there are times you don’t have opportunities to make choices; that is, it is not a matter of multiple options but a need to take specific steps that will get you to the place you are destined to be. This brings about confusion which sometimes leads to mistake or even sin. I have found that, your steps and mine can be directed  aright even when we don’t know. That’s what I want to share with you on this week’s edition of Scriptural Sense.

One of the instances where you will need a direction of your steps is when the word of God comes to you either by revelation, prophesy or inspiration saying that, you will do great things such as build schools that will make world class education affordable in your country. Yet you are far away from being this kind of person.  You can barley pay your schools fees , have poor parents and live in a country where things go so wrong that you don’t even know how to start  let alone be this kind of person.



Also, it’s possible that there are places you need to go, people you need to come in contact with and even lessons you ought to learn to be all you are supposed to be but, you don’t know them and how to get in contact with them. But one thing is clear, God directs steps! He can direct yours!


Kindly open your Bible to Psalm 37:23 “The steps of the godly are directed by the LORD. He delights in every detail of their lives.” I would like you to notice that, steps are directed. That is, the steps human take per time can be directed. Your steps can be directed towards an end you may not be aware of. This is the hope you have for getting relevant information skill, contact you would need in the future but have no idea that you need them or how to get them.


There are several instances I had the privilege of learning things that I never knew I would need in the future; taking steps I didn’t know will lead to my desired end but God directed me to take them.


The point I’m making here is that, God can direct your life and events around you, to go in a certain way so that, whatever He has destined you to be will surely come to pass. He can arrange your life to go in the fashion that you will look back and see that you took the right steps at the right time.


A very good example to illustrate this truth is the life of David. The way his steps were directed to the throne looks so perfect yet he wasn’t aware that, he was heading there. . He went about living his life, doing what he understood to be right, acquiring skills (playing instrument) and having experiences that he  didn’t know what they will do in his life. He took several steps not knowing fully what the ultimate result would be He just knew what the immediate result of his action would be but God who knows all directed his steps all the way.



Joseph is another good example. He saw a dream as a little boy but very early in his life, events (which I believe were arranged by God) made it practically impossible for that dream to come through. Events that surrounded his life must have made the dream he had as a child look very impossible to become a reality. In fact, naturally speaking, he couldn’t have been thinking of the manifestation of the dream. Yet every event and step he took, worked together to ensure that the dream he saw came to pass.



My friend, whatever God has made you for, you will be despite your situation now and how reasonably impossible to become that person. He will cause you to take steps that will get you there; events and humans around you cannot even be enough obstacles. All you need is to continually walk with Him; ensuring every of your action is pleasing him. While you go after living by His precepts, He will direct your steps to an excellent end.



I also like to draw your attention to the fact that, God can take you to places far above where you think you can. He knows what He wants to achieve through you and He will continually direct your steps until you have become what He wants you to be so as to effectively represent Him.


Please note that what I’m saying is for those who have established right relationship with God “The steps of the godly are directed…”


How does He do this work of direction of step?


He uses human beings and situations (pleasant and unpleasant) to direct you to take steps that will get you to the best for you. Apart from using people around you, He also moves you by giving you a kind of impulse. He gives you a burden to do something and nudges you to do it, you will realise that it’s God leading you.


As you go about your career pursuits, live your life daily and go about your endeavour. Be very reasonable and don’t live your life to chances. Wisdom is profitable and God expects you to be reasonable and responsible but there are times that what you know and can reason out will not be sufficient to get you the best. At such points, God usually shows up, directing your step until you get the best.


My brother, God delights in every detail of your life, that’s why you should trust him enough to direct you in  locating the qualified and equipped wife you need. My sister, he knows what you desire in a husband and knows the best for you. He knows what you desire for your children and in your career. He knows the best for you there. He is very interested in them and He’s directing your steps, situations and events so that the best will be your portion.


Today, I leave with this: God has a great place for you and He is committed to bringing you there. Continually walk with him and He will direct your steps to get to the place. Irrespective of where you are today or your opposition, He can direct your steps until you get to your destined place.

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