Sometimes we come to crossroads where we are ignorant of the next step to take to make progress. Also, there are times the Word of God comes to you that promises you great places but you can’t really figure out the steps to take to get there. At such points, most Christians resort to waiting for voice (that rarely comes) dreams (sometimes misleading) or resort to inaction (sure to produce failure). This has resulted in confusion, stagnation and no success. Is that supposed to be? I don’t think so!


On this edition of Scriptural Sense this week, I will share with you my understanding based on thoughtful meditation on the Bible that will enable you take right, relevant and timely steps as you go on with life.

Please open your Bible to Psalm 25:14. It says: “Who are those who fear the LORD? He will show them the path they should choose.” (NLT). From this verse, you can see with me that God indeed shows people the path they should choose.


Please notice the word ‘should’. In life, there is always a path you should take and the one you should not otherwise, the result will elude you. David was inspired to write that those who fear God have the privilege of being instructed on the path they should follow.


There is a way you will go about your academic that will not result in the best God has destined for you. Also, there is a path (way) you will choose in going about your business or running of your home that will not result in the best kind of life God has destined you to be. There is a way to spend your life as a young single that will result in success for your tomorrow. There is also a way that can fetch you perpetual pains.


Right now, you may be at crossroad not knowing the way you should go. You can be shown the way you should choose by God himself. God knows everything that will happen in the future and the way things will turn out; therefore, when he shows you the way to take, you are sure you are getting the best!



Let me explain a concept I pointed out in the first sentence of the verse we just read – the fear of God. To fear God, means to do what pleases him. It means to live your life considering God’s wants and doing what he really wants. It involves making your daily choices, taking steps ensuring you are doing what God wants. In fact, Proverbs 8:13 says, “All who fear the LORD hate evil. That is why I hate pride, arrogance and perverted speech”.


The point? To fear God means to hate evil.


Having understood what it means to fear God, let me bring your attention to the fact that God doesn’t just see anybody and show them the way to choose. He does that job for those who fear Him.


You know why?


God can do anything He chooses to but there are things he just doesn’t do. He sets out His rules and expects you to follow.



Now, let me submit a caveat: When you come before crossroads or need to understand the next step to take or the choice to make out of a number of alternatives, don’t block God from showing you the way.


How can I prevent God from showing me the best way?


You can prevent God from showing, not because He’s weaker than you but because He has laws and doesn’t break them. You must open the door of your heart for him to come in.


King Solomon’s admonition is apt here: “In all your ways take notice of him and he himself will make your path straight. Do not become wise in your eyes.” (Prov. 3:6-7). Do not always believe you can make the right choices because of your expertise, skills and experiences.  Always realize that you cannot do without him. Recognize that even though He has given you abilities, strength and knowledge, He is the author of wisdom and is still in control of your life.


Do you really have it established in your heart that you can’t do without him? It’s important. Moses came before the Red Sea and  didn’t know what to do again therefore, He cried to God and God showed him what to do to make progress.





God directed Gideon and he was able to defeat the Midianites who have tormented them for seven years. He achieved this without stress. He achieved it by taking steps  shown to him by God. Friends, why continue to allow that problem or enemy torment your life? Sit down and open your eyes to see the path God is showing you. It will give you stressless defeat of whatever has tormented you. No matter  what  the obstacle is, a directive from God will show you the almighty formula for tackling it.




You are about embarking on a business now or starting out something and don’t know exactly what to do. God is still into the business of showing the way you should  go to get the best. As a matter of fact, I have personally experienced God showing me the best path in my relationships, pursuits and my education. It was when I overlooked God that I experienced the result of choosing the wrong path – crises and pains.



Please note that the way He shows are not usually the conventional. He usually shows it clearly that you know He’s the one showing you that way. Sometimes it’s not easy to obey as it’s not conventional but if you are careful to do it the way He has shown, you will get the best and others will come and copy you.



Even when there are many ways, people choose to get anything. But He shows you the way you should choose to get the best! He could use dream, vision, and prophet or speak by inspiration and the Bible (my major way).


Many times He uses people around us. I have met people before who don’t know the trouble in my heart and they start talking and their talks proved to have been directed by God. Sometimes, when you have prayed, God directs you to a newspaper article in a dust bin or make you tune in to a radio or TV programme and there you begin to get the direction you need at that point. For more on knowing God’s will download for free the book, What is God’s will here?  And How to Know the Will Of God by Pastor Bankie.



What have I said today? God shows the best way to go about any issue or do anything to those who fear Him when they call on Him with a heart completely towards Him. The path He shows you is certain to bring you the best  in  life; no matter how unconventional it looks now.



Why not begin to tell God about your condition and beg Him to show you the way to choose? Begin to talk to God… what is it you are about to start but don’t know how, when and where to start? Tell God about it and request the blueprint for starting and being successful. He still shows and leads to the best path just like He led Moses in building a tabernacle for Him.

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