Basically, life is in two paths – the path of life and the path of destruction. But many people want life but find themselves on the destination called Destruction. In the last edition of Scriptural Sense, entitled, Why Many Take the Way of Destruction, I explained why people end up in destinations they don’t like. This week, I want to share with you how to take the way that will lead you to great future; devoid of regrets.

God’s Ways; Not Man’s Lead to Life

Let me first of all point out here that the way that leads to life is not necessarily what your parents or society say about but what God, the Creator of the earth, says. I said this so that you don’t stick to opinions of those people as the sure way that leads to life; instead of obeying God totally.


After all, I know mothers that encouraged their children to have boyfriend and stick to one and ensure she (the mother) knows him. A practice that is both satanic and destructive. Normally, parents are supposed to teach their children God’s way but many of them are like their father Satan; thus giving out misleading counsels to their children and other children that give them attention.


Explore the Scriptures; Learn God’s Way

A good way to start on the path that leads to life is by gaining understanding of the ways of God. These are contained in the Bible. Explore the Scriptures to discover what God thinks is right and wrong concerning anything. Search it to find out ways and where they lead to.


There are express commands and directives that tell you what God has designed a particular action to produce. There are actions that result in long life, wealth and fame (Prov. 22:4). There are actions, that lead a man to poverty. They are contained in diverse parts of the Scriptures. So, explore the Scriptures to find them out.


Resolve to Live By God’s Way

When you have found them, resolve to live by them. I am convinced that the word of God is the best for you. Oh, let me tell you. I believe the word of God absolutely. That’s how I know that it’s long life that awaits me and I can’t marry a bad woman (Ecc. 7:26). His word to me is that, wealth shall be found in my house(Psa. 112).

Abraham believed His words, thus had a child at an age that was practically impossible. Mary believed His word and she had a child through a mechanism that defies natural phenomenon. A member of Kings Cabinet in Elijah’s time refused to accept the Word of God through Prophet Elijah as true; thus he could not partake of the manifestation of God’s abundance. I refuse to cut myself off from the power of the word of God to manifest in my life by my unbelief.


What about you?


Listen, God has the ability to bring His word to you and bring it to pass but if you doubt His words, you will not partake of His power. If He says that He shall take you from your low place to an exalted place, you had better believe Him; to do otherwise is cheating yourself.


The youths that collect money from politicians to perpetrate evil, cheat people to make money or offer sex for money are on the path to destruction. They do it because they have either not discovered or believed in the promises of God for abundance.


See, when you have discovered the word of God that teaches you the way of wealth and shows God’s promises of wealth to those that fear him, you can easily tell Satan or his co-worker, “Go to hell with your ungodly money or help.”



If you are aware and believe that indeed the heart of a king is in God’s hand, you will resist, with ease, the temptation to sleep with anybody for his/her favour. You will not sing hypocritical praise for any man because you think that will get you favour from him.


Whatever you lose Following God….

Let me quickly point out here that, there are times you are under pressure in your walk towards the way of life. This is usually when it appears as if you will be in great loss if you don’t change the godly truths you have discovered and have been living by. At such point, what God has used to help me is an attitude of if – I – perish – I perish.


At least, you will lose because you are doing what you understand that God wants you to do. Pastor Bankie, in his book, The Righteousness of God, said that, that is not actually loss. Hear him: “All the things you have lost because of righteousness are standing before God as a memorial; He will look at them and use them as a demonstration of your faith in Him and provoke the kind of blessing that you have never seen.”


What have I said today?

You can discover the way that leads to life or death when you pursue the knowledge of God’s words and ways by searching the Scriptures and listening to true Bible teachers, resolve to live by God’s way and make your quota of the effort required.


I will  like you to note that, no one sets out on the way of destruction due to love for death but because the way seems right. Also, when you take the right way it will seem to them as a way of destruction but time and events will tell.


Decide today to set out on the path to life of abundance and positive impact in your generation, the first step is reconciliation with God by accepting that, Jesus’ blood was adequate payment for the punishment that would have come to you…begin to talk to him now…. ask God to be Lord in your life… ask him to help you in your new path today… begin to associate with people committed to obeying God despite odds…

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