I have heard this wrong notion that men are dogs again and again and I have reflected on it for a long time and want to share with you some thoughts on it on this BrojidBrothers this week. The label ‘dog’ given to men is not because men are muscular and can protect their women. It’s not also because they like bones.


As a matter of fact, men don’t like bones. That’s part of the reason no sane man is attracted to a fellow guy. There is nothing attractive about him with all the muscles and bones he possesses.


So, when they call men dogs, what they mean in simple terms is that men are promiscuous! But I dare say: my brother, men are not dogs! Men are not polygamous by nature; men are God’s creature with the capacity to be in love with one woman, love her like die without looking at any other woman!


We have the capacity to derive sexual satisfaction from one woman all the time without looking at another woman for the same purpose. We are not goats which when you keep yam around, cannot help but eat it. A man has his senses to know that it’s not any girl he canderive sexual satisfaction from.


Despite the number of promiscuous men ranging from politicians, captains of industries, academics and painfully even pastors, believe me, God didn’t fashion a man to be promiscuous! I am not aware of anything about a man’s body design that makes him promiscuous; nothing!


The fact that a man’s anatomy makes him easily have erection doesn’t make him promiscuous. His promiscuity is largely a result of his choice of action after the erection! Nearly every man has erection every day, especially in the morning; but that doesn’t translate to sex with any available female.


Do you know why I am telling you this?


It’s not to defend guys! If I wanted to do that, this post will be directed to ladies. I write to you because you and I must rise up to model a higher kind of life.


Many men have erroneously thought that a man is promiscuous by nature and therefore think they can’t help but follow any direction their erection gives them. That my friend is not ideal! We have to rise up and do what we need to do to model the right kind of lifestyle to our fellow men, sons and the generations of men that will come after us.

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‘Brojid, if you claim that men are not by nature promiscuous? How come there are many promiscuous men?


God didn’t create man promiscuous; otherwise, he wouldn’t have created an Eve for an Adam. He would have created Eves for Adam. God knows that the apparatus for deriving sexual satisfaction is built into every woman and taking one woman is sure to give you what you would have gotten elsewhere.


Some simply chose to be promiscuous; it’s not in a man’s nature to be!


By the way, just as we have promiscuous men, we also have promiscuous women. Our society refrains them from expressing themselves; the best they can do is to try to seduce men. Many part time and full time prostitutes are not into their trade for lack of money; it’s for sexual satisfaction!



My point?


Don’t accept the lie that men are promiscuous by nature. We are not! If you have difficulty controlling your sexual desires, it’s a weakness. Like any other weakness, such as lying and stealing, you have to brace up to deal with it! No excuse is tenable for promiscuity!


Next week on BrojidBrothers, I will share with you how people choose promiscuity and therefore may fit the tag, ‘dogs’. Please join me!


Meanwhile, if you need more help on how to control your sexual urge, please get in touch with us for a live or online coaching session that will help you put your time to maximum use. Do well to freely share this post with another person. It may be what someone needs to attain peak performance in his life and work.


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