In life, patience is an indispensable virtue. You can’t do without it; neither can I.

Let me tell you more about it.

For every thing we want to get in life, we have our role to play and God has His. If we do ours; but fail to allow Him play his role, we truncate our efforts.

The last time you went to withdraw money with your ATM card, after typing your details and the system confirmed that you have sufficient fund, a female voice echoed, ” Please wait while your transaction is processing “

You waited and that’s how come you got your money. If you had refused to wait, even though you have initiated the release of your money, you will not have it because you did not wait!

Many people have lost opportunities, truncated the process of their blessing and achievements and failed to get certain results because they simply refused natures nudge: “Please wait while life is processing your result.”

Like I said, earlier, you have your own role to play and God has His. Do your part and wait for Him to release His support, favour or answer to your prayers.

When you have done all that you should to get a result, the next things you need to do is to wait. Ability to wait is called patience.

Abraham waited for 25 years while Isaac was processing. Its not that he hasn’t done what he should, its that he needs to WAIT!

You have prayed for a spouse, wait while God is processesing it. You have prayed for financial abundance, wait while God is processing it.

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After marketing your product and services, wait while your sales is processing.

Those we call successful waited while, their efforts is processing. Nobody, I repeat, nobody is an overnight success. The success was processing though out the night!

My point?

When you have done all that you should to get a result, the next things you need to do is to wait. Ability to wait is called patience.

Have a fulfilling day!

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