In my short post, Challenges Are Not Customised to You, I ended by saying that no matter how challenging a challenge is, you must not give up but fight hard to overcome. That’s no matter the challenges you face just find your way around them to make progress. But as for giving up, it’s not an option at all.Today, I want to share with you how to find your way around your challenges.



Sit Down and Study the Challenge

No matter how big the challenge you encounter is, you have to face it head on until it is tackled. Settle down and break the challenge down. Study it to understand its scope and how it is a limitation.

Study the challenge to know it’s root cause, how it affects your life, family or career. Also, seek to see its manifestations. Learn as much as possible about the challenge because it’s crucial in devising solution for it.

Acquire Wisdom

You need a particular kind of wisdom to tackle any challenge you encounter. Having studied he challenge you have, seek to know what you have to do to tackle it.

Don’t just get busy and at same time achieve nothing very significant. It’s better to not to touch the challenge until you have fully learnt how to deal with it before taking a step.

When you acquire wisdom for tackling your challenges, you take specific and result oriented steps toward getting result. However, if you dabble into it, your chance of getting any result will be a matter of luck.

To gain wisdom for tackling your challenges, you may need to engage yourself in studies and learning. Learn as much as you can; get educated. Get trained. Hire consultant if need be. Just ensure you are well equipped with wisdom for tackling the challenges.

Very importantly, you can download wisdom from God; the Source and Custodian of wisdom for any area of life. Go to Him in prayer and ask for wisdom to deal with your challenges.

Plot the Way Forward

Having gained wisdom on how to deal with the challenge you are facing, plot the way forward. Develop an action plan. A list of what to do and when to do them to have the challenges tackled.

If it’s a cooperate challenge, make arrangement with everybody that is required to get the challenges fixed. Have a meeting with every person concerned and decide on what you will do and what you won’t.

After plotting your action plan, know that you may break some of the rules you set; fail keep to all that you have outlined to do and get disappointed along the line. But don’t give up in your quest to deal with your challenge.  No matter what happens, make sure you continue working hard until the challenges is resolved totally.


Activate the Supernatural


In tackling your challenges, certain things are bigger than what you do and there is a limit to what you can do. That’s why I implore you to activate God’s help in your quest to tackle your challenges. There are something that are not within your control, call on God to help you do them. Pray to God to give you wisdom and strength to be able to do your own beat well.

My point?

Challenges are not peculiar to you and they can be very challenging. However, they are not valid excuse for failure or inaction. If they were men like Ben Carson, Hellen Keller and even yours sincerely won’t make progress beyond our challenges.  However, when you encounter them, don’t give up; find out how to deal with them and you will join the club of winners.

May God help you In Jesus name.

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Joseph Dinwoke

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