When you watch, the CEO of PABV Concepts,  Adiel Ezenwa do her job – cutting clothes, discussing design choice with her staff or guiding her students in the course of their practice – you know without any iota of doubt that she is a professional to the core and she knows her stuff. She makes her customers smile with her skilful craft and train her students to become excellent fashion designers.


To unravel her secrets, Brojid.com Editor, Joseph Dinwoke, took trips to her office at First Flow, UC Network House, Nsukka, opposite UNN Main Gate to watch her do what she knows how to do best – make you stylish in African fabrics and teach other how to do the same. It’s a revealing encounter.

One of the most lucrative industries in our clime is fashion because no matter how hard the times, we can’t afford not to dress up properly. In fact there is hardly a month that passes without someone, especially women acquiring a piece of fashion material.


Many people are talented in fashion design but lack the skill required to do an excellent job. The CEO of PABV Concepts and trainer at PABV School for Fashion Designers, Adiel Ezenwa, has been training fashion designers. For her, School for Fashion Designers is “my effort to train fashion designers and teach them how to translate their designs into clothes.”


Although her primary objective is imparting skill and knowledge of fashion design on her students, she cares about their time. Adiel believes that learning should be effective and efficient at the same time. For her three months is enough to learn fashion design and she guarantees, “After three months, you, even if you are a complete novice, will be able to make clothes for yourself and others. It’s guaranteed if you pay attention.”


Further she shares how she achieves this feat of delivering excellent training very fast: “We start our students on fabrics once they are done with the stitches instead of paper as is common in many sewing or fashion design school around. We found that many people start with paper and perfect it but find it difficult to translate it to real fabrics. Our students learn and practice with fabrics from day one. Our training is hands on.”


PABV School for Fashion Designers has graduated many students ranging from school leavers, undergraduates to graduates and Adiel reveals that academic qualification is not really the determinant of the speed of learning. “People learn at different pace; so it’s not for graduates or undergraduates. It’s for everybody. I have had school leavers, NYSC members and undergraduates in my school. The speed of learning is not really dependent of their academic qualifications. Passion is what really determines the speed of learning.”


One of her graduates, Onyinye Ugwu told this reporter how she started her training at PABV School for Fashion Designers. “I have seen a lot her handwork. I have a little bit of interest in fashion design but when I saw her work and the clothes she has made for people; my interest in fashion design grew. One day, I saw her flyers and decided to enrol.”


For her it was profitable experience learning under Adiel. She lends credence to PABV Concepts speed and excellence in training fashion designers. “Before I got to PABV Concepts, I met someone where I stay in Ngwo to enrol for tailoring classes and she told me that it will take at least a year for me to start making dresses. But when I met Adiel, she told me that it depends on how interested I am; that my interest could really make me start making clothes earlier. I started from the basic stuff and after a week, I was asked to cut my first skirt. I was surprised. Meanwhile, she wouldn’t do it for you; she makes you do it. After two weeks, I had already made two skirts, by the following week, I had made about three gowns.”


Onyinye gives insight into her learning process and Adiel’s training style, “The way Adiel designs, it’s like inborn in her; she   is always creating new designs. The good thing is that she always carries you along.  For instance, when a customer brings a fabric to make, she could call and ask you to think of a design and that will make you use your brain to think.”


Similarly, Vivian Ayogu, another graduate of  PABV School for Fashion Designers corroborates Adiel promise of speed and efficiency, “Within two weeks I was already making clothes for myself and I didn’t even have any atom of tailoring skill before getting there.”


She sees no reason why anybody that wants to be a fashion designer shouldn’t go there. “Trying to convince anybody to come is like a waste of time; but once you come there, you will confam by yourself. If fact, if you come there for three days and you don’t like what is going on, you can leave. I learnt faster than other people who are learning in other places.


In her quest to encourage her students to learn properly and be of good behaviour, she instituted a price for the best graduate. “I expect my students to learn properly. Anybody that pays attention can learn at PABV Concepts can learn in three months and win a sewing machine. But it’s for the best graduate in learning and character.” She says.


To enrol in PABV School for Fashion Designers, kindly visit PABV Concepts office @

First Flow, UC Network House, Nsukka, opposite UNN Main Gate


Call/Text/WhatsApp Adiel on: 0806 387 6631

You can also follow her on

Facebook: Adiel Ezenwa and Twitter@pabvng



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