Don’t Count on Luck!

There is hardly anything you desire in your personal life, business and career that you can’t get. But many people fail to achieve this simply because they want to achieve the result the wrong way – counting on luck. On BrojidStepUp today, you will learn God’s design for achieving your goals and how to make luck smile at you.


Nearly everyone wants a better life than they have. We have goals and targets we want to reach in life. We have people we want to be successful, influential, and rich and anointed like. I believe it’s noble to have all that; but what’s ignoble is waiting to have all these by a stroke of luck!


Let me tell you a bit about life.


You see, life is designed to function as a system. It’s a system designed by God, Almighty. He created system by which we achieve any goal we want and reach any target.


That’s why a woman that desires to have children should cease from being a visiting wife or having a visiting husband to staying close enough with his husband until she  sleep with his husband enough to be sure that a child has been conceived.


In the same vein, a student that wants to excel in his exam should seek to understand his examiners’ expectations, settle down and study all the relevant materials, digest and assimilate them in a fashion that he can tackle any question in the exam.


There are systems like those in everything we do. Some people call these principles. But the bottom-line is that they are established patterns that get certain results in life.  Therefore, for any result you want in any area of life, spend time learning the pattern that guarantees result there and do your best to follow it to the letter.


There are patterns that result in attracting your first customer as a cake baker, getting the opportunity to teach as a school teacher, getting promoted in your workplace or winning big contracts. There are established patterns that ensure peaceful relationships in homes and proper child upbringing.


Many of these patterns can be distilled from the Bible; some God revealed to people as they seek to know the way of getting results in certain areas of their lives. Some of those patterns have been there for ages and documented in learning materials such as books, audio programmes and even get taught in seminars.


Therefore, when you seek to get result in any area of life, you should settle down and learn the pattern that guarantees result in that area of life. Don’t count on luck; count on the established patterns of success. People who have succeeded in the area you desire success will teach you. Some who have gained insight on how to get result in that area will also teach you.


Your job is to get there materials at any cost and consume them. You will learn exactly what to do in your situation as well as what not to do to get the result you desire.

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Learning patterns that will yield you success will place a demand on your money, time and commitment for you to record any success in them. Please make the investment; it’s worth it! Don’t go through life repeating the same mistake those who have gone ahead of you made; instead; no their mistakes and avoid them while repeating their successes steps.


What’s the place of luck? I will tell you.


Luck happens; but it hardly happen on a jobless man who is at home whining about how bad the economy is. It doesn’t happen to a contractor that won’t submit proposal for a job because he feels he has no man or what we call long legs. It doesn’t happen to a student who doesn’t make effort to learn and prepare for his exam effectively.


Luck will happen to you as you take steps to do what you are supposed to on your own. It will happen to you as you put in your own efforts to get the result you desire. That’s why a total stranger will come to your help even when you don’t expect it. Someone in position of authority will come to give you the lift you need to breakthrough.


The truth is that such unexpected helps are not accidental; they are orchestrated by God Almighty who sees your input and chose to bless you. It’s called the blessing of God!


In all your endeavuors this year; I don’t wish you luck. You need no luck! Go and execute established patterns for success and luck will happen on you. I repeat: luck will happen on your little effort and like we say in our local palace, you will blow!


You can learn more by listening to my podcast on this subject HERE


May your day be super productive!

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