Work Your Goals Out

Work Your Goals Out

Anybody who is serious with his life sets goals; however, many people fail to achieve their goals. You know why? Only very few people know how to work out their goals. On BrojidStepUp today, you will learn how to work out your goals.


Working out your goals involves translating it into reality; that is making what you have written on paper become tangible.


One good step you have to take to work your goals out to think through the goals even before you start out. Don’t just make a list of things you want to do and paste on your wall or carry along in your jotter. Think through it to see its possibility.


I believe in stretching yourself to become all that you are capable of; that’s why I published a podcast like, Don’t Overstay on a Spot; however, there is limit to which you can stretch yourself. There are factors that determine the results you can get on certain areas; and you need to consider those factors before setting a goal. Setting goals without recourse to those factors will position them dead on arrival.


For instance, don’t set goals of covering certain work load of your personal business after school or work when you know that you have to take care of your children or do house chores. Also, don’t goals of teaching your child trice every week when you know that for most days you come back from work late when the children are tired or needs sleep. And you can’t set a goal of submitting proposal to 25 companies when you don’t have the fund to prepare the proposals or take them to where they will be submitted.


My point is that you need to mentally work out your goals before you even start; that way you are fairly certain that it’s viable even before the time for its execution. Check all the factors that play out in you’re the goals you want to accomplish before you even start.


The next step is getting down to work to make the goals reality. Goals

don’t translate to reality until you work on it. Therefore, you have to make provision for all the things you will need to make the goals reality and discipline yourself to do those things consistently until you achieve your goals.


Make sure you have all that you need to do your own bits for reaching your goals because without them; no amount of desire to reach your goals and discipline will produce magic for you. So, if your goal is to finish certain volume of your course outline, buy the relevant materials. If your goal is to increase your production, make sure you have the machinery that will enable you do that and the human resource you need to get it done!

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You need to discipline yourself to finish the chapters of your book you have allocated for you the day. You need to push yourself to write all the posts you have to write. You should push yourself to call all the customers you should. Without putting the required discipline to get your work done, you will find that you won’t be able to do half of the things you should.


It’s a not all the time that it’s convenient for you to do what you have to do to reach your goals; that’s why you need to exert the force of discipline to get yourself up to work until you finish all that you have to.


My point?


Your goals are pictures of where you want to be in future. They are propelling forces. However, they don’t become reality until you work them out. You need the practice of discipline, diligence and commitment to your goals to work them out.


PS: To learn more on this, kindly listen to my podcast on this subject HERE.

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