The Power of Goals

At every point in our lives, we are always reaching for a better life, better lifestyle and better performance. They are worthy pursuits and there is a place of setting goals in reaching better life and result. On BrojidStepUp today, I like to share with you the power of setting goals in achieving the better life you desire.


Goals are a target that gives efforts direction and focus; without goals there is no journey. Without goals, life’s journeys will be wondering.


In your life journey , your goals give you a destination to reach for and therefore motivate you to reach out for all you have got to achieved it. It’s a form the force that compels you to try harder when previous efforts is yet to yield results. They constitute the force that propels you to develop a new plan when a plan fails; they keep you innovating and until you get a result.


Setting a goal for the New Year is indispensable! It serves as a goal post where all your efforts in the football of life should crystallize. It gives you a destination from the beginning of the journey; so that you know where you are headed.


Prophesies and prayers of your pastor on crossover nigh, doesn’t forbid you from setting goals. If my understanding is correct, what they do for you is that that revel where God wants to take you. You have to settle down and set long and short term goal of what you have to do on your own as collaboration with God for where he wants to take you to.


I like you to settle down and write goals of what you will do on your part for all the things you believe God to achieve in this season. Do this for all areas of your life – finances, career, family and spiritual life.


Your goals are a list of what you must do on your own to get what you desire. It is borne out of a proper understanding of what your role in the plan of God for your life is.


Your job is to plant relevant actions that will produce the result you want and do the watering; increase comes from God. No man gets great breakthrough because he is so powerful; don’t be fooled by those who make it look that strategy alone made them achieve tremendous result; all they did is what they can, it’s God that powered their efforts to yield great result.


For instance, you can set a goal to read at least two hours every day so as to experience the academic you want God to bless you.  Make it your goal to create and implement marketing strategy for your business for your new business. Wake up in the morning and head for that building construction site. Make announcement for your new cake business. Take a step to give your children relevant training and corrections. Just do all that’s is within your power to do; that’s the goals you can set.


God will pour out his blessings on those efforts on yours to produce result. He will send customers to you. He will do for you want you can’t do for yourself. You may be smart and resourceful; but can’t make job interview panels not to have their judgment colored by ethnic sentiment. God can do that for you!

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My point?


Goals are powerful pulls. They point you to what you shouldn’t do to get your desired future. They may not by themselves get your result; but it’s in achieving them that you qualify for the blessings of God!


PS: You can listen to my podcast on this subject HERE


May your day be super productive!

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