In life, we get into situations where it appears as if nothing can be done. Many times, we label such situation hopeless; despite the fact that we know God is Almighty over any situation. The implication is we suffer what we shouldn’t have because we limit His power in our lives by putting him in a box. On Scriptural Sense this week, I like to show you how to get receive all that God has packed for you despite the situation you find yourself.

No matter how difficult or impossible a situation is, God can cause a turn around so that the difficult becomes easy and the impossible become possible. God is not limited by possible solutions we can plot in our heads. That’s why even when in our best brain capacity, we can’t figure out how he is going to fix a problem, he fixes it without stress.

As humans we plot solutions to problems based on the knowledge be gained from past experiences but God create new solutions. That’s why we must be careful not to put him in the box of past researches and international organizations postulations.

Do you not realize that until the Red Sea was parted with Mosses’ stick, it has not happened before? No woman has conceived without the human sperm cell until Virgin Mary conceived Jesus Christ. God in a box FEATURED 2

God is not limited in achieving his purpose in your life, business and career. At every point in time, he arranges human being and events of life to corporate to bring his plans for your life to pass.

That’s how come I know that despite what your background and experiences say about you, God’s word supersedes them and will override its effect to bring you to the place God has destined for you.

Statistics says that 1 out of every business that starts fails in the first 10 years but I know that your and my business cannot fail! You know why The Bibles says, “Whatever is born of God overcomes the world.” That overcoming power is giving me the abilities and wisdom to overcome business killer in my environment.

He gives the unfertile woman a family, making her a happy mother of children. Give praise to the Lord. (Psa 113:9)

 What it means is that he can make you who the doctor said can’t conceive and bear children. Stop saying you don’t have womb again or that you are past age of bearing. He didn’t say I will make the barren woman, who hasn’t past age of menopause, mother of children; neither was he saying that it’s the woman who still has a womb that will conceive. God can implant a child in. For Mary, he didn’t even need human instrument to deliver a child into her womb.

 If you believe this and hold on to your faith, you will experience the power of God manifest in your life.


If he created you to be a school teacher, he has also promised you prosperity. If you do your job well, He will arrange wealth to you. Please don’t put him in a box by looking at salary your employer pays you.

How do I know?

“God blesses those people who refuse evil advice and won’t follow sinners or join in sneering at God.

Instead, the Law of the LORD makes them happy, and they think about it day and night. They are like trees growing beside a stream, trees that produce fruit in season and always have leaves. Those people succeed in everything they do.” (Psa 1:1)

Please don’t bother trying to figure out how God will make you what He has destined you to be; if you try hard, you will either put God in a box or remove the faith to receive the prosperity He has in stock for you.

As you step out this week, live your life normally. Occupy with what He has committed in your hands for now until He comes with his ultimate package for you.

No matter what challenge you are currently facing, know that God can create a brand new strategy to fix it and catapult you to where he truly wants you to be.



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