Were you sacked from your job or your contract withdrawn? Let me show you how to survive your state of being sacked and move to a higher life.


When Taiwo landed a plum job in a multinational, it was a breakthrough and God’s answer to the outcry of his family for a financial Messiah. He is not only skilled in his job but God fearing; thus he believes there is no limit to how high he can fly.

Nearly a decade after he started work, his direct superior masterminded his forced resignation because he refused to ‘cooperate’ with him to corner the company’s fund.

Tawio is confused; in his confusion he laments, “Where do I go from here?” This week on Workplace Matters my focus is to share with Taiwo and by extension, you, what you can do when you get sacked or coerced to resign.

Resolve to Succeed

One of the key things you have to do at this point is to resolve to survive despite what’s happening around you. This instills the zeal and passion make you resilient despite your challenge.

My brother, life is full of challenges; you can’t escape from it no matter how good you are. When challenges meet a man, they either, make him stronger or weakened. Those who have resolved to succeed despite odds, faced their challenges head on, devised a strategy to tackle it; tackled it and become inspirational stories of our time. In effect, their challenges strengthened them for tougher ones in the future.

I will like to publish your never-die story to the world to inspire many generations that will come after you. It’s not just about you; but many other people attached to you.

Sack; Not the End

Your being sacked is not the end of your life; neither does it spell hopelessness. It’s just one of those events of life. So, stop thinking that your future is bleak because you were sacked.  As a matter of fact, it may be blessing in disguise.

Many people have become bitter, disoriented,  lost focus and the zeal to pursue success because they were sacked; don’t allow that to become your case. Some have reinvented themselves and even become better because of sack. Veteran Journalists, Mike Awoyinfa and his friend, Dimgba Igwe, are two men who refused to be disoriented when they were asked to step down as co-pilots of The Sun. They started publishing Entertainment Express and wrote more books. They are millionaire journalists and not political appointees.

Make Lifestyle Adjustment

To forge ahead, one of the things you may have to do is to make adjustment in your spending lifestyle. Talk to your spouse or those dependent on you on the need to adjust your lifestyle to your current financial state. You may cut down on luxury and spend on essentials.

Who knows, your sack may be an event designed by Life to help you shed out extravagant lifestyle and live modestly.

Don’t be Bitter about the Past

Don’t be bitter about the past organization or human factor that was instrumental to your sack. Bitterness buries you in the past and keeps you from moving on with your life.  You need to, from the depth of your heart, forgive anybody that may have had in your sack. I am not saying it’s easy to forgive but when you realize that we offend God nearly all the time; yet He forgives us, it becomes easier to forgive. It’s also crucial you know that forgiving those that plotted your sack is in your best spiritual and psychological interest.

Just Work


Step out to do something. Being idle may rob in the pains of being sacked. You may not get a big job but take up any job to put soul and body together. While waiting for the big job, the little one you do now enriches your experience.

Meanwhile, you may not need to work for anybody. You have acquired skill, knowledge and experience. Put them to work for yourself, your friends or relations while either waiting for bigger job or starting your own.

Before You Pursue Justice

You may have been sacked unjustly but before you start pursuing justice, please check if your sack is not God’s alarm to let you know that your time in paid employment is over and signal to start yours with the vision he gave you long ago.

I am not sure of how to ascertain this but if you have God given vision and God has made resources available to you as well as armed you with experience to lunch out but you don’t want to because of the joy of your comfort zone or fear of the unknown, chances are that your sack is God’s alarm clock.

Who Really Sacked You?

Just before I wrap up, I like to you to ascertain who really sacked you. Don’t be quick to tell me that it’s your boss. A part of my brain tells me you sacked yourself!

Before you hurl a stone at me, let me explain.

You see, you were hired or contracted with a job description in mind which your employer usually gives you on resumption of duty. If you consistently fail to do that work and get sacked you, not your boss, actually sacked yourself. If you instigated your boss to sack you, don’t blame him. Don’t even send Holy Ghost fire to her; if you do, the Holy Ghost fire will empower her to continue giving her employees just recompense of reward.

You may need settle down and ask God to forgive you for being irresponsible. Resolve to take corrections and not repeat the same mistakes if God gives you another job. If you come to this point, your chance of getting another job increases because you have come in agreement with God.

The next thing I want to tell you is How to Profit from Being Sacked. Yes, you can profit it; but that will be story for next Tuesday on Career Exploits.

Have a great week!


Editor’s Note: Your questions, comments, corrections and commendations are welcome. Kindly, scroll down to see the comment box and drop yours. We will love to hear from you.

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