Weeks ago, I published a post entitled, Surviving Your Sack. My focus in that article was to show you how to survive from the state of being sacked. This week on Workplace Matters I want to share with you how to profit from your sack.

Learn from Your Mistakes & Get Better.

One of the most important ways to profit from your sack is to learn from your mistakes that resulted in your sack.

If you were sacked for coming late, learn that you must be punctual at work. If you were sacked for stealing; learn that you must not steal. If you were sacked for sexual harassment, learn that you must control your urge. If you were sacked for negligence of duty; learn that you must go about your duty with utmost seriousness. If you sacked for nothing; learn that nothing is permanent. #smiles. Yes I am serious!

Don’t say it’s witch-hunt or tribalism. Witch hunters and tribalist are not fools. They know they must have a legitimate point to unleash their evil plans.

Every other person may have made the same mistakes and gone scot-free but you have been hooked because of witch hunt or tribalism. Look away from these factors and work towards not giving any witch hunters or triablist a hole to nail you with sack again.

Profit from your sack by learning every crucial lesson and let it enrich you for career exploits.

Build Yourself

Being sacked means that you just acquired more free time. This implies that you have more time for your life, family and your God. Maximize the season of being sacked to devote more time to building yourself, getting closer to your family – parents, spouse and children; and building more intimate relationship with God.

If you were sacked for your incompetence to be replaced by more knowledgeable or skilled person, take your free time to develop yourself and get better.

When you increase in knowledge, have your skills refined and gain more insight in your industry, you will automatically get better on your job – for yourself or next employer.

Before you go looking for job; take time to get better. See that season of job loss as a time of skill gain so as to get better in your performance not a time to get bitter with your supervisor.

If you can go to school and take short courses or take online courses and study on your own. There are many audio courses and programmes that will be of immense benefit to your performance at work. Join social media platforms, forums in your industry and to increase in your knowledge level.

Get a Better Job

You can profit from your sack by locating and landing a better job. If you ask me, a better job is not just about the pay pack.  A better job is the one you are better suited to add value in under an environment that encourages you to be your best.

If you invest the season of your sack in developing your capacity and building yourself to be better on your job, you must have positioned yourself to get a better job. Also, if you realize that your sack is your fault(if it really is) and resolved to turn a new leaf, you increase your chance of landing a better job.

In your phase of sack, reflecting on your phase of life and  where you want to get next, may show you that the job you got sacked in is not the right one for you. In this case, look for another job.

Also, take your phase of being sacked to look for vacancies or apply for jobs you can do in any organization of your choice. Let your family and friends know that you are in need of job and perhaps your area of interest.

One of the keys to getting a job after your sack is developing your capacity to deliver irresistible value in your new job.

Pursue Your Vision

The truth of life is that when you are working for an organization, you are helping someone pursue his vision. Not a bad idea! We all should do that at certain phase in our lives.

Now that you are sacked, take a step to pursue your vision. Start that business idea you have always had. Take a step to do that business or build that organization you have always wanted to do. There is at least, a solution God Almighty packaged in you at creation. Profit from your being sacked by using this opportunity to organise a structure to deliver the solution to your world.

I like you to know that when your boss sacked you, he simply relived you of your duty but didn’t empty you of your knowledge, skill and experience on the job. In working for another organization or business, after sack, you need to distil a strategy for result and peak performance from them.

Many people have gone to build big business because they cashed in on the opportunity of being sacked. Mike Awoyinfa were asked to leave The Sun, he and his twin and friend Dimbga Igwe transferred their journalism skills, knowledge and experience to writing books upon books.

Let every good and bad experience you encountered on your job work for you in stating your own business. Learn the lessons there; don’t repeat the mistakes you or other persons made there. Devise a strategy based on your pleasant and unpleasant experiences to build great business.

As I leave you this week on Career Exploits, I like to leave you with this: I understand that you have been sacked and the financial difficulty it has subjected you to. Don’t get bitter for it. But please don’t let it end your life. Choose to get better by your sack; not get bitter. Survive Your Sack and profit from it!


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Ifeanyi Dinwoke

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