You and I need help at every point in our lives; otherwise, we can hardly make meaningful progress. But how do we get the help we need without entering into bondage? That’s the question I want to answer on this week’s edition of Scriptural Sense. Please, follow me.

Every human being needs help. I believe, it’s largely the need for help for Adam that Eve was created. Throughout Bible history, you see that people – big and small – indeed need help.

Even Moses, despite that his sees God and gist with Him face to face, he still needed help to execute God’s assignment to him – building of the temple.

There is very little we can achieve without getting helped. So, you and I need help!

But how do we get the help we need per time?

I search for my help, I started looking around. I looked around for my wealthy father, connected friends, good certificate, my CEO, my village people and my party chieftains.

Does my help come from them?


“My help comes from the LORD, who made the heavens and the earth!” (Psa 121:2)

That’s exactly where my help comes from. He knows what is best for me, when I need help and when I don’t. He owns the heaven and earth and so can engineer any help I need to me even if I find myself in the desert.

When he chooses to help a man, He doesn’t come in person; he uses human beings. He uses people. He owns the earth and every human being and companies in it. They are at his beck and call. He has controlled over any system, structure and organization that he can carefully engineer my step and the steps of relevant agents of his help until I get my needed help.

I accord respect due to powerful people to them; but don’t trust them for my help.  Even very powerful people have big limitations.

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The here is scriptural instruction: “Don’t put your confidence in powerful people; there is no help for you there. When their breathing stops, they return to the earth, and in a moment all their plans come to an end. (Psa. 146:3-4 NLT)

My help is not from my wealthy father; there is a limit to what his wealth can do for me.

My help is not from my company CEO, he is limited to the company and a few contacts he has.

My help is not in any political party or politician; personify undependability by default. Even when you find dependable one, they don’t last forever in power and there is a limit to the help they render.

Indeed, God is my helper not powerful men or women. That’s why I cannot break my moral code, drop my Bible values and deaden my conscience to please anybody because they appear to have helped to offer.

Truth is this: they are just in positions God can use them as agent of delivering my help. They are not in any way my helper. If they chose not to transmit the help; God will either get rid of them or use another agent.

As for help, that  I must get because God is ever faithful; so faithful that he no matter the bomb blasts going off, curfew placed in my location or how removed from ‘my people’ or even the cost of fuel; He packages my help and delivers it in good condition.

So who is my source of help? God Almighty! Human beings are at best, his errand boys/girls for my sake!

Next week on Scriptural Sense, I will share with you How to Activate the Help You Need. Meanwhile, for more on this matter, kindly read my post, Beware of Toxic Help.

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Joseph Dinwoke

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