You Need Your Uncle’s Help!

You Need Your Uncle’s Help!

As humans, we all need help from each other. That’s how God made it and as a youth, you even need more help from other because at this phase of your life, you are can hardly take care of your need for food, shelter, education and mentoring.


Basically, your needs as a child are your parent’s responsibility; but the reality of life is that it’s not all the time that your parents are disposed to be able to meet your need adequately. One of the means of getting help is through the family that God has put us in.


Our family includes uncles, aunts, cousins, siblings and other distant relations. To avoid calling all of them, I choose to use the name Uncle to describe all your relations you could get help from. So, when I talk about handling stingy uncles, understand that I’m talking about handling your stingy relations.


Handling Stingy Uncles is inspired by the people I have encountered who lament on how much progress they would have made if their uncles had helped them. I want to reach out to those youths who have potentials for exploits but believe that their stagnation is because they have to be helped by their uncles.


My desire is that any of such people that follow this series will learn how best to get the best from their uncle, how to position themselves to be helped by their uncles, how to handle uncles that refuse to help and how to help the helpful uncle.


As I write this now, my outline is made up of eight topics and it may; it may increase if I need to expound on some points or reduce if I decide to collapse some topics. I will dedicate one topic to one episode of Youth Cruise which comes up on Monday at Brojid WorldSo, God willing, for the next couple of week, we will be talking about this subject matter.


For today, I want to start this series by showing you that you really need your uncle’s help. I want to talk about this because I have seen youths who don’t think they need their uncle’s help and the consequence is that they lose the value that their uncles can give them; they deny themselves the leverage that they could have gotten if they realized that they need their uncle’s help.


As humans, we need help from one another; as a youth who is still starting out, you need the help even more because of your dependency for sustenance and guidance. Realization of this truth should drive you to seek as much help as possible. It should make you humble enough to reach out for every help you can get from your uncles.


Many youths erroneously think that the only help they need is material, for food, shelter and education; thus whenever they get in touch with their uncles, it is money they are begging for and they look with disdain those uncles who have the wisdom to share with them; but could hardly assist financially.


There is even much more help that you need so you grow from surviving to succeeding aside money; so, don’t fix your eyes on material help they can offer alone. Realize that guidance, mentoring and coaching are equally powerful help you need and you should be open to getting them whenever you get a chance to meet them.


It’s very obvious that because you are still a youth and so may not be able to fend for yourself, you need financial support. But what’s not very obvious to many is that they are still young without experience and understanding of life and so they need someone to mentor and guide them. So, as you look up to your uncle for help; don’t focus on his pocket alone, pick his head for a useful guide!



Many people wallow is errors because they ignore their uncles that could help them with simple information that will change their lives because the uncle doesn’t have money. Painfully, they get into an error that will require money to correct instead of collecting sense to avoid the error.


I dare say, in most instances, the uncle that has plenty of sense with little money for you will me valuable to you than the opposite. The reason is that at your phase as a youth, you are taking life-changing steps and charting a course for your life and if you err now, it may be very hard to correct your error. It’s the uncle with plenty of sense that will guide you.


If you just have one accessible uncle, focus on drawing from his wealth of knowledge and drinking from the insight from his experiences. Focus on that more than the money he can give you because with the wisdom he shares with you, you learn what it takes to make even more money than him and reach a greater height that he has.


Meanwhile, if God gifted you more than one accessible uncle, analyze each of them and their strengths. Go for the money bag for financial support, go to the pastor for spiritual support, go to the wise for his counsel. You need your uncles; take advantage of God’s blessings encapsulated in them for your good!


“Brojid, are you not shifting my faith to my uncles instead of God and Holy Spirit?”


No, not at all. Many of the things God wants to do in your life REQUIRE human instrument, not Him or the Holy Spirit. I mean, He used Mosses to deliver Israelites and Philip to teach the Ethiopian Eunuch. Your uncle could be your Mosses and Philip; open your hands and receive God’s blessing in them!


“So, does it mean that if my parents are well to do, smart and spiritual, I don’t need help from my uncle?”


No. No matter how good your parents are, there are things your uncle can do for you that your parents can’t; even if it’s just a different perspective to an issue. Your uncle can give you powerful recommendations for jobs, channel contract to your business, give you exposure and connection. They are already yours and can make your life better. So, draw closer to them!


Just for clarity, I need you to understand that the fact that your parents are incapable of providing you with the material support doesn’t mean that their usefulness ends in the sperm cells and ovum they donated for your formation. They may not have all the money you need, but God may have gifted them wisdom that will make you soar despite your humble beginning. So, pay attention to them for mentoring.


My point?


The true source of help we should look forward to is God. However, God hardly comes to us in His nature. He uses people and some of those people are your relations which I have chosen to call your uncle. Wisdom to be open to the help that you can get from them and not shut them out from your life. Next week, I will share with you how to position to revive help from them.


PS: To learn more on this subject, listen/download YouthCruise Podcast, You Need Your Uncle’s Help

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Joseph Dinwoke

Joseph Dinwoke

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