How to Prepare for Your Exam Fast

How to Prepare for Your Exam Fast

Now, your exam is just a few days or weeks away. I expect that you should have covered your scheme and ready to tackle any exam question any lecturer may bring.

However, if you haven’t, wahala dey..but don’t be afraid.

You can still cover enough to pass your exam and what I want to show you now are strategies that will help you still achieve fairly reasonable degree of preparation that will ensure you have good grades.

So, follow me…


Embark on strategic Study


Understand that your study at this point is not about learning plenty stuffs or reading everything. It has to be strategic—structured to help you have a good grasp of your course content enough to answer your exam questions.


Gather all Relevant Materials


Do whatever you have to do to ensure you have your course outlined and all that you have been taught for that semester.


Although you may not have all the time to read, you should at least have everything down and then decide the most important ones to start with.

Target at Least 60% Course Coverage

The best way to cover your scheme is to read beyond whatever your lecturer has taught you; because after your school exam comes life exam. But when you don’t have the luxury of time, work toward, at least 60%, coverage of your course.

Focus on the Strength Areas

Again, since you are constrained by time, focus on covering the ones you have good idea of so that you can trash any question coming from them.


I am not a fan of area of concentration because in real life my employer or client won’t assign me task or give me job based on the lecturer’s area of concentration. I prefer to read everything thoroughly!


However, if you have anything like area of concentration from your lecturer, take advantage of them. Time no dey!

Collaborate with your Classmates

One of the best ways to learn is to have someone who understands teach you.

Go to your classmates who understand and ask them to teach you. Join discussion groups and go for tutorials.


If you are planning formation for exam collaboration, YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN.


If you have to pay to learn, please pay! It’s more honorable than insulting God and yourself with exam malpractice.


Now, that’s the much I can write.


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All the best in your exams!

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Ifeanyi Dinwoke

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