Unfriend Poor Grades… and Become a Top Performing Student

Unfriend Poor Grades… and Become a Top Performing Student

If you have consistently recorded poor academic performance to the level where it seems to be second nature, I’d like to share with you very powerful and potent truth you need to arm yourself so as to unfriend poor grades.

This truth will help you graduate from poor performance in your exam and empower you to be able to perform excellently in your academic endeavour.

First point I want to get across to you is that poor academic performance is hardly genetic; it’s simply a product of your lifestyle. No matter how long your history of poor academic performance has been, do not believe the lie that it’s your nature to consistently performance poorly in your academics.


The repeated experience of poor academic performance is not a proof that it’s in your nature to fail. Truth is that you may have failed simply because you have not been taught what you must do differently to produce the academic excellence or you lacked the commitment required to start and sustain the lifestyle that will lead to the new life you desire.


Why I’m telling you this truth at this point is that you need to wean yourself of the lie that you can’t help but perform abysmally in your academics. You need to free your brain from the erroneous thinking that you have a brain that is not good enough for school.


God created each of us with functional brain that can learn and remember things. That’s why you can still remember the first person you saw this morning, what the boy chyking you told you and what you discussed with your Dad about your living allowance. You didn’t remember until now is because you have tasked your brain to.


My understanding is that unless you have brain condition, you have what it takes to learn by reading, listening, observing and even retrieve what you have learnt when demand is placed for its retrieval in exam or practice.


What most people lack is good and early grooming that will help them gain mastery of the process of learning and recalling; yet that doesn’t mean you can NEVER learn properly and even fast. What you need is proper and adequate training and guidance designed to make the needed correction.


From my secondary school days to my undergraduate and after school courses I have to write exmas, I have a mixed record of excellent and shameful academic performance. I have also looked back to discern what lead to the different performances.


One of the most profound truths I have distilled from my experiences is that academic performance is fundamentally a result of the lifestyle of student; not necessarily genius brain.


That’s there are lifestyles that produce different grades. The performance of a student at every point and in any course is hinged on his lifestyle in the course of the learning period and pre exam.


My message you to you today is that if you truly desire excellent academic performance, you must make commitment to learning the lifestyle that produces it and avoid the lifestyle of low performing students.


Before I leave you on Student Groove this week, let me share with you some lifestyles that, almost always, guarantee poor academic performance so that you can avoid them from today.


Absenteeism from class is one lifestyle that usually guarantees poor performance because when you are not in class you won’t know a lecturer’s stress points, which are usually the most important parts of the course and pointer to the areas your exam will cover.


There are different channels of taking in information in your brain; one of them is by listening, another is by reading. Now, there are people that are wired to learn better by reading; others by listening to another person teach.


Find out what works best for you and give it priority. However, a combination of reading and listening won’t be a bad idea as they will make the information come clearer and stick more strongly in your head.


When you miss your classes with the plan of reading the notes or textbook, what you deny yourself is that opportunity of first learning of the course content and unless you truly have special capacity to learn and absorb information by learning, you will have a hard time catching up as much as students who were in class.


My point?


Packing poor grades is not in your nature. God didn’t create you with small brain; He built into your brain all the cells, tissues and designed your body for proper supply of certain nutrients to ensure you can listen to your mother, roommates and lecturers; understand what they tell you and recall them.


If you seem not to be able to do this, chances are that there is something you are doing wrong and that has hindered your capacity. Change the lifestyle that results in poor grades and you will be fine. I will share more of such poor-grades-breeding lifestyle in the next episode of Student Groove.

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Ifeanyi Dinwoke

Ifeanyi Dinwoke

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