Selling Your Ideas at Workplace

Selling Your Ideas at Workplace

If you have a job, I congratulate you. My congratulations are not because you have a job whereas there are many unemployed youths like you. The basis for my congratulation is the fact that you have been given the privilege of influencing a system and making life easier for some people.


Another reason is that your job is a rare opportunity to be a blessing to people while developing capacity and gaining insight for starting and running your own business and therefore you are privileged to have it.


But that’s not my focus in this post. I want to share with you on selling your ideas in your workplace.


Businesses don’t work because of machines and money; ideas and people who generate them are the engines of organizations.


I don’t want to get into the nitty gritty of the power of ideas; but I just want you to understand that if your competitors have the same or higher quality of machines but don’t have ideas and people to run them, they can’t beat you when you do.


That’s why I dare say…


…your Ideas Matter in Your Workplace!


You may not be among the top management; but hey, the best idea is not always from the best remunerated; it’s about the best positioned!


You may have been lowly positioned by the virtue of your low rank but that puts you in the right position to see what the top management can’t see because they are too tall to see such little foxes that spoil the vine.


In fact, no matter the subject matter, ideas can come from anywhere, any time and from anybody – including you.


For God’s sake understand that …


…you are not a Robot!


Therefore, you must have observed something others didn’t. You must have experienced something unusual at some point in your organization. You must have thought about doing a particular thing differently.


That’s what makes you human and that’s part of what you are hired for.


You are not hired to do the barest minimum. You are not hired because no machine can do your work. You are hired because as a living being, you will observe things, think through them and can have an intelligent opinion or strategy.


That your unique opinion, strategy and method can do wonders in your organization.


It may be what the company has been waiting for to make meaningful progress.


It may be the little tweak they need to make to increase their customer satisfaction or increase the speed of their service delivery.


It may be what have been giving the top management sleepless night. It may be why they are planning to hire a consultant.


That’s why I charge you…


Voice Your Ideas Today!


It’s not enough to have an idea in your head; it profits nobody in your head.


I mean who uses it while it’s not made available to the sons of men?


Unless you have the authority to execute it, the idea you have which you have failed to voice is a load on your head.



It’s unprofitable to you and those that it’s meant for!


I understand that you may think your idea insignificant; but listen, it’s not! Many times, it’s actually more significant than you understand.


The truth is that the little inconvenience customers and fellow staff suffer because of that wrong thing going on is a sure sign that your idea is valuable.


In fact, for a minute, ask yourself what may go wrong if you fail to voice that idea.

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You are an asset to your boss. Based on your observation, experience and interaction, you have come up with a unique view that will be useful in your workplace. Don’t keep it to yourself; voice it!

In fact, stop reading this post and make a list of those things that may go wrong if your ideas are not heard and implemented.


Now, you see those thing on your list?


They are the real reason you MUST sell your ideas the next possible time.


What if they see me as being oversabi?


Yea…yea…that’s a possibility; especially in a clime like ours where mediocre superiors chose to lambast others instead of humble themselves and learn.


But that’s not strong enough excuse for not selling your ideas.


I will show you at least three things you can do to ensure they don’t think you want to show them oversabi in my subsequent post.


‘OK, what if the idea gets rejected, Brojid?’


True concern!


But who will for the fact that his dream girl may say ‘no’ refuse to make the move?


Nobody; except a coward!


If you are not a coward, you won’t chicken out from a step that has the potential of changing your company and career permanently.


That idea has to be sold and there is no going back on it.


Can you for some minutes imagine how big you will become when your idea become that turn around idea?


How would you feel if your big bosses now look at you with some more respect than they did in the past, invite you to their meeting and show you off to their friends?


These and more is what you stand to gain when you voice your idea and have it implemented.


Don’t fall my hands by dragging your feet on selling your ideas.


Those who are looking for excuse not to act, think of what may go wrong if their ideas get stole; that’s why in my subsequent posts, I will show you how you will still benefit even when you are not acknowledged.



My point?


You are an asset to your boss. Based on your observation, experience and interaction, you have come up with a unique view that will be useful in your workplace. Don’t keep it to yourself; voice it!


It’s even wickedness not to voice it!

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