Uncovering the Treasures of Your Youth

Uncovering the Treasures of Your Youth

As a youth, there are treasures loaded in this phase of your life and you may never be able to mine it once you exit your YOUTH.


I am a young person like you and have not fully mined the treasures of our phase; but I have most certainly mined a good chunk and that’s what I want to talk to you about.


I get worried when my fellow youths live without making efforts at taking advantage of the treasures of our phase. That’s why I am taking out today to share with you how to mine the treasures of your youthful life.


Now, there are about five treasures, in my head now, I want to uncover for you and arm you with wisdom for mining them; but if in the course of this series, I discover another one you should know, I will include it.


Meanwhile, I will take them one per time so I will be able to give adequate treatment without writing a long post.


Now, let’s cut the chase.


One very important treasure I want you to start mining immediately you finish reading this post is your time.


Time is an irreversible and irrecoverable treasure you have and how you use it makes a huge difference in who you eventually become in life.


If that’s too complex a grammar, let me break it down.


Any time gone cannot come back again and no matter what you do, you won’t be able to get it back.


That’s why you can NEVER have another last year. It’s gone and gone for life and you have drawn closer to your old age and grave as a result.


As an example, your junior secondary school time is gone and gone forever. If there are things you should have done at that time which you failed to do, you can’t turn the hand of clock.


If you spent your undergraduate days partying and treating fuck up, instead of learning and developing your capacity to create and deliver value, you will grow to realize your foolish choice and CANNOT turn the hands of clock.


Many people always realize how they wasted their time; but the issue at this point is that there is very little or nothing you can do.


The time you should have spent reading and learning how to raise children which you wasted cannot be recovered now that you are married.


The time you should have spent learning a trade and acquiring a skill which you wasted playing, dodging work and trying to cheat your Oga CANNOT be recovered.


I don’t know the phase of life you are in now; but one thing I want to tell you for sure is that the phase you have passed cannot be reversed!


And when I say it’s irrecoverable, what I mean is that when you lose time, there is NOTHING you can do to regain it.


When we talk about making up lost time, what we actually mean is making up for what we should do that we couldn’t at a particular time.


My point is that the time you wasted in frivolities cannot be recovered!


It’s gone and gone forever! No prayer can ever get it back and no wish can ever bring it back.


The learning time you lost cannot be recovered. The prayer time you lost cannot be recovered. The work time you lost cannot equally be recovered.


And very importantly, the rest time you lost cannot be recovered.


When we try to recover lost time, what we end up doing is swapping time meant for other activities and those activities eventually suffer!


Having explained the irreversibility and irrecoverablility of time, I want you to become more conscious of how you spend your time.


That’s why my message to you this week is this: don’t waste your time like many youths do; the successful people we look up to are not time wasters.


A lot of us youths wasted our time in many ways; but at the root of most time wasting ventures is lack of sense of urgency and value for our time.


You are eighteen years old; yet think you are still too young; you are not!


In less than 10 years times, if you are not married, marriage will be knocking on your door.


Or you are 25 and you keep thinking that time still dey your side. My dear, stop deceiving yourself.


At your age, you are already an Aunty or Uncle and your children are on the way.


Please for God’s sake, be more responsible in the use of your time.


Enough of wasting your time – spending your time as if you have it to yourself and forever.


One way many youths waste their time is through the social media.


Social media is a good tool and it has helped me in great measure in business and connection with people and you should utilize it to full capacity.


However, enough of whiling away your time on social media. Did you lose a face that you spend all day long looking for faces on Facebook and Instagram?


Is there any law that says you must watch every video that gets sent to your phone?


Must you join every conversation – sensible and senseless? Hashtags don’t have your name on it and so, why must you participate in every trend?


Social media is good and a powerful tool which will take time and God for me to let go of; but spending my time there wrongly is most certainly an error.


Wrong time on social media is spending time for meant for other things on social media or longer time that should be spent there.


Sleep is a beautiful thing and you should take it adequately.


Failure to take adequate sleep because you are too serious minded can land you to sick bed if not mortuary.


However, a lifestyle of sleep will most certainly cripple the quality of your time.


Sleep should be done adequately; not excessively otherwise it will be counterproductive.


When you sleep excessively, you waste your time. You forgo time you would have invested in self-development, practice of your trade and work.


One other area many youths waste their time is entertainment.


Like other issues I have pointed out, entertainment is good for relaxation, celebration and fun.


When done for a longer time and at wrong time, it becomes counterproductive.


While you watch football, movies and music, please do it with caution. Unless that’s your life work, I don’t know why you should spend longer time than you should on it.


You have wasted your time in the past; that’s an offence against your future.


The time you wasted is not just about yourself alone; it’s about the works that suffered while you wasted your time.


The time you wasted is not just about you; it’s about crucial preparations you should have made for your children unborn.


Now, for all the offence of wasting the time which you are given to use for mankind, go and sin no more!


Let the past be in the past.  Get started on a good notes in the way you use your time.


Therefore, be calculated in the use of your time from henceforth. Be very deliberate about what you do with your time and who you allow into your life and time.


Don’t just allow time pass, make the spending of your time an investment. By all means, work at ensuring that every minute of your time count.


Spend your time in a manner that you will be proud of and will yield huge result for you in the future.


My point?


You have the treasure of time now that you are young. If you waste it, you CANNOT ever possibly reserve or recover it.


The best you can do is making up and catching up for the lost time and it’s not all the time people succeed at it.


Don’t waste your treasure load of time today with the mind that you can catch up in the future. Maximize your time by making it an investment!

Next week, we shall uncover more treasures, keep a date with me. Meanwhile, every Monday, I take questions and answers concerning youths and about youths every Monday on Brojid Community? You can join us while it’s still FREE.

Ifeanyi Dinwoke

Ifeanyichukwu 'Brojid' Dinwoke is a Media Strategist, Web Developer & Book Publisher. At Brojid World, he creates blog, podcast, and book that inspire you for peak performance in life and work. He is madly in love with Chidinma Eberechukwu (@chidinmadinwoke) who agreed to be the wife of his youth!

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