In the last exhortation, I showed you that God, not man, lifts and humiliates. Today, I want to show you why He would lift one person and humiliate another. I think that this is important since it will help you know what you ought to do for the change of levels you desire as well as help you remain enthroned when God enthrones you.


I’d like you to understand from the onset that God does not just do things the way He wants. He has control over everything on earth and can do whatever He chooses to and no one can ask Him, “Why did you do that?” (Dan 4:35). However, God is just and does not break His own rules. That’s why He punishes people when they do iniquity and bless people when they live in the fear of Him. The point I’m making is that God does not just feel like lifting or humiliating people. He has set standards which makes people qualify for lifting or humiliation.



To fully understand why God lifts one and humiliates another, let’s go to Psalms 75:7a “It is God alone who judges”. That is, it is God alone who weighs your deeds and motives and according to what standard and condition He has set on the earth to ascertain whether it’s lifting or humiliation that you deserve. Hear him, “I, the LORD, search all hearts and examine secret motives. I give all people their due rewards, according to what their actions deserve.” (Jer. 17:10)


At this point, I believe it’s very clear to you that God doesn’t just wake up and feel someone has to be lifted and another humiliated. He observes your actions and examines secret motives before rewarding you.


See, lifting and humiliating are both reward except that while one is a good reward, another is a painful one. They are given to everyone by the Just Judge, God Almighty. My friend, your change of level is a reward that comes as a result of your lifestyle and not just that you go to church or don’t. If not, God cannot be described as a Just Judge.


Please let me digress a bit to say a few things about motive. You saw in Jer 17:10 that God takes the motive for your action into consideration as He sets out to reward you. Many people do what, on the surface, can be described as good and right but their motivation is wrong. As an example, a man may donate money and materials to the poor because he loves them and his love for them compels him to give to them. Also, another may give even more to make people see it, perceive him as good because he has a political ambition. Both of them cannot receive the same reward!


Why? Because God examines secret motives! In the same vein, if you are helping a lady with money just because she needs it and not for ulterior motives, you will be rewarded differently from another that gives just to win her heart or even to sleep with her. Jesus Christ said that whoever give to His disciples because they are serving Him will get the prophet’s reward. You will be wasting your time expecting a prophet’s reward when you give to His disciples, not because they are His disciples but because you want money doubling.


Again, the condition for change of your level is basically your deeds and actions but your motive matters a lot! As you locate deeds from the scripture that results in the change of levels you desire, ensure you do them for the right motive. Be informed that even when God is willing and ready to change your level and you fail to play your own part, your level cannot change. The lives of the Israelites in the wilderness clearly illustrate this fact. Listen my friend: locate everything you ought to do to qualify for moving from where you are to a higher place.



The most important I want to bring to your attention is entering into the right relationship with God Almighty by accepting Jesus Christ as your Savior and the Lord over your actions, thoughts and relationships. Your union with God through Christ gives you freedom from bondage you entered just because of ancestral curses. When you are in Christ every bad thing that would have happened to you will not happen again. You know why? “…those who become Christians become new persons. They are not the same anymore, for the old life is gone. A new life has begun!” (2 Cor. 5:17 NLT).


If you want to reconcile with God through Christ, just believe in your heart that the destruction that awaits you because of your past sins and those of your parents cannot affect you again because Jesus

has saved you and paid for the sins with His blood. Also beg him to Lord you from henceforth to the right kind of life.


Do you desire to leave the crowd in your career or field and stand before kings? It’s possible! An action that makes God change the level for you is your diligence. King Solomon wrote, “Have you seen a man delight in his work? He shall stand before kings not mean men”. It’s not just in fasting and nights vigils.


Are you in a disadvantaged condition – poor parents, no connection, low intelligent quotient etc, you will experience change of level as you walk with God. All you have to do may be to pray like Jabez.


Do you desire wealth? Psalm 112 says that it’s a reward for those that fear God and delight in obeying His commands.


Integrity will establish you but crocked path is the way of downfall (Proverb 10:4). In your business and endeavour, live in integrity. It may not result in immediate gain but that’s God’s way. Take note; the path of the crocked results in downfall. The implication is that if you take to the crocked way, your downfall is sure despite that it may be giving you gains now.


Next, I will show you how God elevates and humiliates people and organization.


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Joseph Dinwoke

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