In the last edition of Scriptural Sense, I explained that God does not just change people’s level because He just chooses to. He changes people’s level based on their conformity or nonconformity with his set standards. This week, I would like you to know how He brings the change of level in your life.

In simple terms, God’s mechanism of bringing your own change of level may not be known to any man now. It’s when He is through with changing your level that the world will look and discover that, it is another way God changes people’s level. My point is that God can invent a new mechanism to lift you where He has decided. Despite the fact that nobody knows, in detail, how He will bring about your change of level, He can invent and implement a change of level strategy!


Again, I like to remind you that whenever you desire a change of level, all you need to do is to pray to God for a change of level and do all that you know to do. As you do those things, God will begin to direct your steps (or even those of others) so as to bring you to the level you have qualified based on your actions and motives.


You see, when many people desire a change of level and are about taking scriptural things they ought to do to experience a change of level, they get pessimistic.


You know why?


Their head can’t figure out how their doing the little things the Scriptures dictates  will ever amount to their change of level. If you are in the same shoes with such people, listen to me: God’s way is higher than yours. He doesn’t share His glory with any man or thing. He has His style of doing things. He is the Lord, but when Pharaoh and His armies refused to get that truth into their heads, He decided to deal with them so that “After this, the Egyptians will know that I am the LORD.” (Exodus. 14:4 NLT).


It’s God that effect change of levels; not your head!


God says that those that fear him will be wealthy (Psa. 112:4). But right now you barely survive. You don’t have to worry or figure out how He’s going to make you wealthy. Continually live according to His precepts. When tempted to take to Satan’s strategies to get wealth don’t fall into it. When He decides that your wealth will be delivered into your hands, He will arrange the events of your life so that you will get it, not a day before or later.


Listen, every opportunity to get wealth by disobeying God is strategic trap set by Satan to steal what God has stocked for you. Close your eyes to it! You may go through some discomfort because of that but it is worth it! Just like Jesus Christ, endure it as your own cross. The glory that awaits you worth the temporary discomfort.

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Having examined the lives of people like Joseph, Daniel, David and Esther, God helped me to understand some things about his mechanism of lifting people.



When God decides to lift you, He directs your steps until you become lifted. This can be seen in the life of David. God, having seen David prepared, directed his steps to the war front at the time Goliath was threatening God’s people. He gave him the guts (I mean faith) to go after Goliath despite oppositions.


Also, when God has decided to lift you, He will empower you to rise despite obstacles and those angry with you. People looking down on you cannot stop you and jealousy of anybody cannot stop you from being enthroned.


Daniel’s co-workers were jealous of his rise and plotted his death but they and their families’ life were lost as a result. Relax in God’s love and confidence in His unlimited power; at the right time He will lift you. He is God the Lifter!


God is a master planner!  If you understand a bit of how He organized your body to function you will know He is wisdom and excellence personified. He ensured that your systems work hand in hand without anyone working against each other and provided relevant facilities for your convenience.


My undergraduate training is in biochemistry. In the course of my studies, I learnt that there are numerous metabolic pathways in our body; God made them to work hand in hand to ensure you eat, get nourished and continue to live. In the same way, when God has decided to lift a man, He also strategizes and executes it faultlessly.


At a point, God decided to save the Israelite from famine in their land.


Know his network of this action?


He moved four lepers  and caused the Syrians to hear strange sound,  gave wrong interpretation and caused the lepers  to take the news of abundance to the Israelite.


My friend, count on Him and rely on Him for your lifting. You will not regret your confidence in His lifting. If a Saul needs to be dethroned for your enthronement, David, He will do that!


Again, how does God change level?


He observes your actions and motives and passes a judgment on it. Then He organizes your actions, directs your steps and causes relevant people move to show you favour or be cruel to you until your level has changed.



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