It is has become a normal thing for members of campus fellowships to go to parks, school gates and registration points to welcome and possibly invite (or should I say lure) fresher’s to their fellowships. This is a good practice. It’s good provided they are not cultist in the guise of fellowships. But because there are myriad of them coming around, most freshers get confused and enter organizations that retard their primary mission on campus – acquisition of knowledge and character development. That’s why I want to provide you with a guide on choosing the fellowship to join on campus.

Let me start by telling you that you will really find it beneficial being a member of a fellowship on campus. Suffice is to say that you will get friends who have been in school before you and have experienced most of what you are about to experience and will share wisdom for survival with you. Good campus fellowships are more like families and they provide help to their members who  need help ranging from financial, emotion and academic. So, it’s like a family you just belong in when you join a fellowship on camp

Having said that let me provide you with a guide on choosing the fellowship to belong.

A major factor to consider in making the choice of fellowship to attend is your academic mission. In my article, The same admission different mission, I explained that there are generally different categories of people on campus based on their mission. A fellowship that it’s ideals and style contradict your primary mission should not be for you. By the way, I want to let you know that the primary objective of being in school is for your academic training. I don’t agree with those who said it’s for ministry and leave their academic work. Please don’t think I am an one pagan who wants to keep people away from the kingdom of God. I am born again like you but understand that there is a season for every activity under the sun. In fact, I understand that God may have orchestrated your admission into your course and school for training you for what He want to do with your life. I understand that God has called you into ministry but that does not at all imply that the calling which you are not even sure if the time for it manifestation has come should be priority to you in school.

Please I am talking about choosing a campus fellowship to join. Ask around for fellowship where the word of God is taught pure. That is a fellowship where people gather and take the Bible and study and not echoing error coming from a general overseer or bishop. Locating and being a part of fellowship that spend good time of teaching and discussing Scriptures gives you the opportunity you need to grow and develop as a young man on the path to greatness. Please don’t waste your time in fellowship where all they do is go for set apart, pray and don’t spend enough time on the word of God. I have found that some fellowships have deraild in their mission and are not busy with entertainment as their strategy for keeping members as if Christian organization is all about having many members. Please be careful that you don’t go to a place where the time for fellowship is spent on entertainments with little time allocated for the word of God. Prayer is important but I wonder what you are praying for and how it will benefit you when you have not properly learnt the rudiments of Christianity. Please beware of places where people plant fear in you in the name of deliverance or teaching you the device of Satan.


Some fellowships emphasize church work more than academic work of their student members. Such assemblies organize set apart during lecture time. They Leave school for as long as one week on a conference. These are not bad in themselves; however, it’s pure misplacement of priority.

Locate a fellowship that has structure that encourage their members in their academic pursuit. It’s not just in telling the members to read but not wasting the members time in the guise that “the spirit” led them.

A very important thing you need to do in your choice of fellowship is to pray to God to guide you. When I came to first year, many fellowships came around to give me their flyers. Some called and kept calling. Others sent me text messages endlessly. But I joined a fellowship that never did called or texted me. I joined because I discovered their ideology and guiding philosophy when I attended one of their first year orientation programme. Believe me; I enjoyed myself belonging to the fellowship. My gifts were given exposure and opportunity for refining. I was taught the word of God and challenged by diverse display of talents by other members.

Pray to God to guide you to the right place for your development and usefulness. He can and he will. He knows where you will get the best kind of training for your future. (Discover to get direction in my article, God Shows The Best Path.

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