Many times I have heard people give others counsel to stop doing a particular thing they are doing for another person or group on the ground that they are being exploited. “They are using you.” they say. This situation comes up when someone’s abilities are exploited yet very little is given to them as a reward for their abilities. Recently, I had a discussion with someone on this, explaining to me how I’m being used. It got me thinking and I realized that, like other people who discourage others from using their abilities, this guy was wrong.

Today I want to explain to you this concept and show you how to turn the exploitation for your good.

One thing I want you to learn is that if anybody is using you, it means that you are useful. So, thank God about it. Nobody will use you in an area that you are useless in. Using you is a proof of your abilities and a stamp of recognition. My friend, you need it as it instill confidence in you and make you more convinced that you are gifted. See, if nobody considers what you can do good enough that they will want you to give it to them, chances are very high that you don’t do that thing well enough or you can’t even do it. In fact, be worried if nobody is using you.

In the course of my conversation with the guy I mentioned earlier, he pointed out that the person using me will make me do a lot of work but I won’t get any glory for my efforts. But I pointed out to him that for me the expression of the gifts of God in me is not about getting glory but about obedience to God and being a ready tool in His hands. I mean, there was a time I use to pray in church, “Lord use me; use me for whatever you want. God to help me become a vessel unto honor.” That’s why it doesn’t make sense to me that God has answered my prayer and is using me to make people rich and make organizations become better and I will be estimating it as that I am being used. As a matter of fact, I was created and delivered to my place of birth just to be used. Take it from me today, I don’t feel bad that I’m being used. You shouldn’t!

You know that a tool you acquired that is not useful is discarded. God will discard you if you refuse to be used. He can’t come down on the earth to use you but there are company CEOs that are His channel. There are NGOs that he needs your skills and expertise in. There are poor people that need to use you. There are students in your neighborhood who are constantly failing their O’level and JAMB exams that needs you. Allow yourself to be used and saved yourself of the risk of delete from earth or downgrading of your usefulness.

Glory is a gift from God not man. It doesn’t make sense to set out in life chasing after fame and popularity. When you are being used and hidden from public glare, don’t worry at all. God is not rewarding your fame and publicity; he is rewarding your faithfulness. What He is after is whether you did what you He wants you to do. Notice that God reward men according to their actions not motive (Jer. 5:17), not  even according to how famous they are.

Please perish the thought that you are under anybody’s cover bringing him wealth and progress when there are not much coming to you. That person may just be in his season of his blessedness and God, not the person, is using you to deliver the blessing. Pastor Bankie usually say, “You must make your Leban rich before God deliver your own blessing to you.” I agree with him totally. Bear in mind that Leban’s wealth did not limit Jacob from acquiring his own when it’s time for him to leave an inheritance for his children. Next time someone tells you that they are using you, tell him, “No! I’m given opportunity to manifest my gift to the world, build confidence in the use of my skills and qualify for my blessing.” That’s actually what is happening.

Now, I don’t claim to be ignorant of the fact that there are people who set out to exploits peoples abilities, knowledge and experience and not give them commensurate reward for their labour. I have been a victim of that kind of treatment when once I was employed by someone and with a promise of paying me salary that can’t even take care of my basic sustenance properly; yet, I was expected to work beyond time. I noticed that this fellow has bad spirit – he is driven by money – so I overlooked him and exploited the opportunity God gave me to work. The whole experience opened my eyes to opportunities and helped me put to practice many theories I have read and propounded.

I have been used in religious organizations and non-profit organizations and even individuals. My experience is that I always get better as a person at the end of the day.


Am I an advocate of exploiting people? No. Not at all! God helping me, I will not do it to anybody. I will like to give you good reward for your effort and if God enables me, I will like to give you reward that is greater than the one you really deserve.

My point is that you should not miss opportunity that God has given you because of the popularly spread lie, “They are Using you”. Meanwhile, before you begin to work for people, negotiate your work and reward. It saves you from being exploited.

Please if your are being used in an area and at a time you are not paid but you realize that you are being very useful, don’t worry. Just make sure you are learning and getting better for your future. Life was designed to be a give and you shall get cycle. As you give, God will indeed give you back maybe not even through the person you are giving to. Wait and on God for his supplies and He won’t fail you. Actually, that has been my experience.

I know a young man who is skilled in playing football and that earned him recognition and “thank you; you are doing well”. Then he told those he is playing for that he can’t play again unless he is paid. Today, he is not playing again. He disconnected himself from the opportunity to be a footballer blessing lives because of money.

Pastor Poju Oyemede told a story of someone who was hired to sing and when she did, people were very impressed that she demanded a raise in the deal she had already agreed on and told the producer of the song to call him when he is ready for the raise but she was never called and the song still became a success.

Jibril Musa, a journalist at the Entertainment Express stayed at the Sun Newspaper for several months learning and ‘being used’ and it paid him off since that prepared him for employment. Isha Sessay, African CNN girl did a no-pay job in London before landing a job in CNN. In her days of no-pay job, she was ‘being used’ while she perfects her skills and prepared herself for paying job.

Please don’t allow greed and the lie that they are using you to close your eyes from doors God has opened for you. You are given an opportunity for your good; not being used! Just make sure you learn and get better in the process. That’s how to exploits anybody that is exploiting you.

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