One of the things I found on campus is that students influence each other consciously and unconsciously. That way, they learn from people without even realizing that they have. But many have ruined their lives because they are not careful concerning who they learn from and who not to learn from. Today, I want to bring to your attention an important truth that will guide you in observing and learning from fellow students you see in on campus.


You see, one of the powerful ways of learning on campus is to observe fellow students and listen to them, discuss issues that are not really connected to academics. However, you have to be very careful that you don’t ruin your life learning from fellow student who even though they have the same admission that you have, are on mission different from you on campus.

Having sourjeoned on campus for some years, observed people on campus and read about campusers, I have come to understand that people are entered campus based on the same admission but on a different mission

I know you will be quick to ask, “Brojid, what other mission will one have in school apart from academics?” Many missions! In fact, let me tell you some of them briefly.

Some students are on campus for the acquisition of knowledge. This set of people goes about learning their course of study with everything in them. They read materials given to them by their lecturers and study others they could get from library and internet. In fact, they go beyond academic knowledge to general knowledge.  They read newspapers to know what’s happening around them. They read about relationships and finance. They believe and live the maxim that university means: know all things.

The primary and pronounced mission they have on campus is acquisition of knowledge. That is what drives people to class, to write assignment and feel a bit bad when they get bad result. Usually, students with this mission hardly care about grades. They just want to know their stuffs.

Other set of people are students who are on campus for grades. They have been told by their parents and society that they need to go to school, get good grades and get a good job. They have also heard that the passport to getting good job is good grade. Usually, students in this category develop the skill of cramming their notes and giving it out the same way in the exams, described as la cram la pour in campus parlance. This group also sorts their lecturers for grades whenever they deem it necessary.

Also, there is a group with mission that is not connected to any of those about. They are in school just to get a degree. They have connection in high places and need any degree at all to get employment. So for that reason, they came to school and stay to write exams so as to get certificate. Also, in this category are students who want to study a particular course or pursue a particular career path at graduation but need a certificate that will qualify them for the career. An example is students who study course like Microbiology just to get direct entry to study medicine. They don’t really care whether they have knowledge of their not. They just go to school waiting for graduation to go and grab the job they have been promised or continue with their career.


Some students are also on campus for ministry. I have seen students who say that their primary objective in school is preaching and diverse kinds of religious activities. They go to classes to pass their exams but are usually not committed to learning their courses in-depth since they believe that their course of study is only giving them a platform for the manifestation of their ministry. People in this category have a philosophy: “I’m a first a Christian before a student; so my Christian ministry comes first.”

My focus in this article is not to tell you whether, the different mission is good or bad. That’s story for another day. Meanwhile, if you ask me what should be a students’ mission on campus, I will tell you mental and character development. The quest for it will bring in other missions aforementioned and the attainment of mental and character development will produce other missions like getting job, effective ministry and step to desired career.

Listen, a man’s mission drives him and determines what he doesn’t and doesn’t do. If you follow a fellow student in his lifestyle without knowing his mission, you are very likely to end up in the destination, you will not want to.

The point I want to make clear to you is that you should define what your mission is and focus on it. Be careful to ensure that while you can engage in certain other activities, your mission should be your priority.

Having shown you theses diverse missions people come on campus for, I have an advice for you: define your mission on campus, identify with people with similar mission and be careful not to totally emulate those with different mission from you; if you don’t want to blindly walk into a ditch.

May you not be mislead in Jesus name!!!!

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