Harnessing the Vigor of Your Youth

Harnessing the Vigor of Your Youth

Last week on Youth Cruise, I started sharing with you how to uncover and maximize the treasures of your youth. The treasure I discussed then was your time. Please, if you missed it, do well to go read it HERE.


This week, I want to talk about your youth vigor – the energy of your young body and soul. My goal is to share with you wisdom for harnessing the energies you have as a youth.


You see, our bodies are not designed to have the same stamina and strength from the days of our childhood till old age. We can see this as we observe people advance in age.


In fact, the youth phase is that point in your life where you have the highest degree of energy and strength to do virtually anything you chose to.


That’s why, what you do with the energy largely determine who you become in the future. It’s the basis for your happiness or sorrow in the future.


It’s important you always bear in mind that this energy won’t always be in abundant; that’s why wisdom is to channel it into productive use that will yield you massive success in the future.


The vigor of your youth empowers you to be able to work at length without getting tired easily unless you are sick or have poor eating habit.


Therefore, get to work in laying foundation for your future today. Yes, get to work at equipping yourself with knowledge, skills and experiences that will position you to create invaluable solution for your world in the future.


Move from that level of work to identifying individual and organizations that may have need for your competencies and skill set and sell value to them. Sell to them either as an employer or owner of your business.


Don’t look down on yourself because of your age. Work at developing capacities that will equip you to deliver value to people and go all out to sell it to those that will need it. Please muster all the youthful vigor in you to give it your best.


Don’t step there; go the extra mile to improve on yourself; you have the stamina to stay up late into the night or wake up at night to study or practice for just two hours every day.


Enroll for courses and take it religiously; that’s a wise use of the energies of your youth that will pay you in great measure tomorrow.


Look out for seminars and attend. If you don’t have money, borrow. If you have parents, uncles and aunties, beg them to pay for seminars for you. Please stop begging them money for clothes and shoes; they give you good physical appearance; but don’t improve your mental capacity or ability to solve anyone’s problem.


I understand that you have other things you want to do; but hey, you have the energy at this stage to multitask and shoulder such responsibilities. Attend the seminars, workshops and plan to still do other things you have to do.


I’m not just talking about muscular energy; I’m equally talking about your strength in settling down to study or understudying someone to learn. It’s now you have the mental and muscular vigor to successfully engage in such learning. Take advantage of it!


In fact, when you get married, you won’t have that dose of available energy after breastfeeding your child, doing one house chore or the other and sleeping with your spouse. Please don’t get the impression that I’m saying those are bad things to do. My point is that as good as they are; the truth is that they will take something away from you that you enjoy now as a single.


I go to bed when I choose and woke up at night to study, design websites or books for my clients or just watch tutorials I have downloaded to learn and I don’t owe anyone any explanation for sleeping early or staying awake at night. But, that’s most unlikely to continue when I get married.



So, now that you have your energy intact, get to work to utilize it on what will make your life more successful.


Don’t waste it on frivolities. Don’t spend precious emotional energy on activities that have no serious bearing on your future.


You just can’t waste your time on TV Shows and sporting activities that serve no serious purpose aside entertainment when you should have channeled it into learning a seemly hard skill or practice your skill to pro.


You can’t waste your energy on indiscriminate sex because aside the obvious physical exhaustion that accompanies orgasm, those who have studied spiritual matters have explained that indiscriminate sex drains spiritual energy.


I believe them because replete in history are people who lost the core of their existence because of unguarded sex drive. A case in in point is the Biblical Samson.


You can’t waste your energy on useless conversations and associations. I have heard people tell me how some of such conversations are profitable in widening my world view; but I refuse to join because what I am getting from them is too small compared to what they take. So, come out from any association or group you belong that saps your energy dry.


One of the most profound truths I have come to know about our phase as youths is that, we will NEVER be youths again after now and wasteful use of today may be very hard to recover.


We have seen people who were unable to recover from the carless use of their youthful vigor when reality dawned on them. The majority of them find it hard to take care of their family, pay their children’s school fees, let alone help another person.


See, they don’t like it that way; but they can’t do anything about it. I mean, they sit down sometimes thinking about their lives and wish the hand of clock can be reversed; but IT CANNOT! It has never been reversed so that anyone will right his wrongs as a youth!


My message to you this week is this: please get serious with your life and strop wasting your energy and time. You CANNOT recover them, once wasted. The best you can do is catch up; very few people make any meaningful progress with the catch up efforts!


Next week, we shall uncover more treasures, keep a date with me. Meanwhile, every Monday, I take questions and answers concerning youths and about youths every Monday on Brojid Community on Facebook. You can join us while it’s still FREE

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