Four Keys to Quicken Your Idea Acceptance at Work

Four Keys to Quicken Your Idea Acceptance at Work

Selling your ideas at work is no child’s play and sometimes it can be harder than the actual work you are hired to do. Meanwhile, the fact that your ideas may be a disruption of existing practice is one reason why it may be hard get accepted in your organization. On Career Exploits this week, I want to share with you four keys for ensuring quick acceptance for your idea.

Meanwhile, if you missed the last two parts of this series, I recommend you read, Selling Your Ideas at Your Workplace and Preparing to Sell Your Ideas at Your Workplace. In them you will learn why you should by all means sell your ideas and how to prepare before for the actual process of selling your ideas.


Suggest Your Ideas to Your Senior

While you are still thinking about the idea, I want you to subtly suggest it to a senior member of your company leadership team. My reason is that while I believe you should sell your ideas at your workplace, I don’t see any point in trying to sell an idea that will never work or be accepted in your organization. Therefore, if you are close to any of the management team, come out clear and tell the person the scope of your idea and how it can work with the intent of getting his candid opinion.



Three things may happen at this point: he could not just reject your idea but discourage you from nursing it further.  He could steal it and sell to the management and take the shine or encourage you on the modifications you need to make to bring your idea to reality.



One way to anticipate the reaction of this fellow is what you know about him before now because aside that, you can’t really say for sure how the fellow is going to respond; so go with open but prepared mind. No matter how he will react, never mind; just still ask.



Now, if he discourages you, try and understand the basis for his discouragement so as to determine if he is right or wrong. If he refuse to show you why he doesn’t encourage you to share the idea, chances are very high it’s for his selfish interest or lack of interest in the progress of your organization.



We know that there are true enemies of people’s or company’s progress and would not want you to share such a brilliant idea that will increase your relevance to your organization or move the organization forward. Such people will condemn your ideas out rightly without giving you a chance to show how it can work and solve the problem.



We equally know that there are people that will discourage you sincerely because they know your idea won’t work based on their experiences and understanding of your company polices. Such people will not just cancel your idea; they will actually try to make you see reasons with them why you should drop or modify your idea.



And then, there is another group that will discourage you because they can’t see what you are seeing. To such people do your best to get them to see the value in your suggestion. If they are open minded, they will pay attention and listen; it’ your job to get them to see what you see in the idea you are selling.



I want to dedicate one day to talk about those that may steal your idea; so please follow me in this series. Before the end of this series, I will show you how to handle such situation.


Moving on…

Sell to Influencers First

When you sell your idea in a workplace, the decision to adopt or reject it is hardly one man’s business. It’s decided by a team of leaders either in your department or board. Sometime, the idea you want to sell is so new and disruptive that they won’t easily and quickly accept it after listening to your less-than-an-hour presentation at a board meeting or your 8-page proposal.


That’s why one thing you can do is to sell it to as many of the decision makers or influencers as possible because once they buy into the idea; getting other team members to buy the idea is a lot easier. They have more power to influence their colleague than you and they will exert the power only when they are persuaded that what you are proposing is the best thing to do.


So, if you have the opportunity, sell to those that will influence the decision first before the body that will make the final choice.

Prove beyond doubt the Superiority of Your Idea

Many times when people make presentations, they spend the bulk of their time talking or writing about issues that matter less. They live the real matter and focus on less serious matter and the consequence is that they don’t do a good job of getting their audience to thoroughly understand the scope of their idea and get them to buy into it.


I understand the place of preamble and how much it helps you clearly establish that there is an existing problem begging for a solution; however, that’s not the purpose of the presentation. The purpose is to get them to know you thoroughly understand the situation, show them the value your idea brings and how it works.


Therefore, move quickly from the preliminaries and spend the bulk for your time showing them how your idea works and how it’s superior to the way things are currently being done. Help them see how your new idea will make or save more money and resources for the organization than the current system.

Send them Follow-up Clarification

After your presentation before the board, you would have heard their concerns from the questions and comments on your presentation.  You can take advantage of their comments and questions to hasten the acceptance of your idea.


Just prepare a sequel or supplementary paper presentation for them answering their objections and clarifying their confusions.  From your presentation, if you have their email addresses, send it as text, audio or video; depending what you are sure will work best. You can also print it out and drop in on their table, depending on your situation


I understand that one issue you may have about doing this is that you will be perceived as being desperate. True; but it shouldn’t be desperation for your personal good; but an unquenchable desire to contribute your quota in the organization while you last there.


Whatever may be your motive, I’d like you to think about the fact that they could think this young lady is really passionate about moving this organization forward. They could the goal getter in your and resilience in you.


Just do what you have to within the bound of ethics and love for humanity. The worst that will happen is that your suggestion will be turned down. If you are like me, that won’t stop me from taking my weekly ration of roasted corn and chilled Hollaindia Youghurt.


However, the best would be that you would have used the wisdom of God on you to chart a course for the progress of an organization where you work. That, my sister, will bring you reward from God and man! It will earn you a pride place before the management. You would have acquired an experience that will enrich you for running your own business in future.

My point?

Getting your idea accepted may take time; but you can hasten it by confirming the validity of your idea in your organization, selling first to influencers, demonstrating the superior value your idea brings to the table and giving any possible clarification that may be needed.

My name is Joseph ‘Brojid’ Dinwoke. On Career Exploits, I share insight that will help discover your true career, get equipped and do exploits in it. You will get fresh career insight on Brojid World every Tuesday and every day on Career Exploits page on Facebook.

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