You Can Pray to Maximise Time!

You Can Pray to Maximise Time!

I had planned that the last part of this series, Get Down to Focused-Work will be the last except that while I was writing it, it occurred to me that I am missing out something I also practice in addition to the other principles I shared.


I wanted to leave it out to avoid sounding like a preacher man; but on a second thought, I realized that I will deny you the complete truth which may limit the result you get eventually.


When I have plenty tasks at hand to complete within a limited time, I pray about it.


My prayer at this point is not in fulfilment of any religious obligation; but recognition that even though God created me with enormous power to achieve great results, He still has supreme power and control over the universe.


I pray to Him to help me meet my target and the consequence of His answer to that prayer is that He makes wisdom available to me to manage my time and He controls natural occurrences that are not within my control to ensure that I meet up with my target.


Often people think this prayer is unnecessary because they can plot how they get their result. But the truth is that understanding how God works out His power in your life doesn’t take away the fact that He helped you.


David, powerful warrior centuries ago, confessed that God trained his hand to make war.


Although there may never be a time when God led him to a field, the point he was making was that God empowered him with skills and wisdom to wage war successfully.


I believe that God can train your hand to manage your time with greater efficiency than I have attained or will even attain.


Your situation may not be exactly like mine or the ones I have come to know, but a heartfelt prayer to God can unlock special wisdom to tackle your unique time management situation.


Please don’t get it twisted: prayer to God in your time of plenty tasks with limited time is not shrinking from your responsibility. It is requesting the support of the greatest force in the universe to help you. You still have to get to work, put in your best and practice the truth I shared with you earlier with the consciousness that God is helping you when you have put in your best.



Prayer shouldn’t just be an activity to fulfill all righteousness; it should have consequence in your life.


For instance, because God is helping you, you don’t need to cheat anyone to reach your target or goal. Because you have prayed to Him for support, you can go to sleep with whatever result you get after putting in your best.




My point?


Although we have great power locked in us at creation to achieve results, we can’t deny the limitations that we have as humans. In dealing with these limitations, there is need to tap into supernatural support by a sincere, faith-powered and heartfelt prayer to God.

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