In life, nobody really sets out in life to become poor, have marital crises, poor health or have troubles as his best friend; yet many people end up there. I am sure you must have also noticed people who enjoy marital bliss, prosperity and sound health. But what makes some suffer while others enjoy life? I think I have found the answer and that’s what I want to share with you on this week’s edition of Scriptural Sense.

If you have your Bible, please open to Proverb 16:25. It says, “There is a way that seems right to a man but its end is the way of destruction” First, I like to state that although this was written very long ago, there are people in this day and age who still ply ways that seem right but lead to destruction.


Please understand that when the Bible says that people take to a way that seem right but ends in destruction, it means that they live their life in a style that results in destruction even though they think such lifestyle would lead them to life and its goodies.


Replete in the Scriptures are stories of people who took steps and made  choices they thought was okay  or will please God but realized that they have not only disobeyed God but cheated themselves.


Let’s take an example. It was recorded about Mrs. Adam in Genesis 3:6: “The woman stared at the fruit. It looked beautiful and tasty. She wanted the wisdom that it would give her, and she ate some of the fruit…” She was not aware that this fruit that is this attractive and promising is the seed for the lost of her highly placed status.


You see, taking of the fruit seemed right to her and she also imagined all that she would get by eating of it. In fact, taking the fruit appears to her as the pathway to being as wise as God! Also, the fruit looked  good for eating,  so she ate it. Little did she know that the same fruit marketed as being good for making one wise will lead her out of the best God has put her in. She taught that taking of the fruit will make her better than what God has made her. It did not! It only reduced her place and position in God’s agenda. It led to pains for humanity.


My friend listen, there are steps people still take today thinking it is the step that will get them the good they want but realized, usually late, that they have taken the wrong steps.


There are old people today who took to a particular way of life as youths but now cry in regret because they just realized that they took the way of destruction without knowing.


God created the earth and provided manual for living. Your attempt at  getting anything by violating His precepts will take you lower than where God has placed you; though it may be gradual. Your lowered position may take time to manifest but must surely, except you get mercy by the blood of Jesus Christ if you turn from your destructive pathway.


See, God is the architect and builder of the earth. He has set structures and principles of operation in it. Full enjoyment of what He has placed on the earth will happen by your cooperation with the ways He has set.


Back to what I was saying. Satan marketed God’s command as not-the-best to Mrs. Adam and she was deceived. She did not make her choice knowing that she will lose on the long run; she taught her action will result in the best for her. The point is that she took to the way that seems good but led her to demotion.


That same way many old people left the way God has set for them to enjoy enduring wealth, marital bliss and taken to the way of destruction without knowing. Unfortunately, many youths, like you and I, have set out on the path of destruction because Satan has succeeded in persuading them that it’s the best way. I wish you will choose God’s way and jettison Satan’s strategies.



There was a king whose name is Saul as recorded in 1 Samuel 15. God gave him instruction for going to battle and how to destroy their foes but he felt his own plan was  better than God’s. According to his words, he had good intentions but wrong actions. He reasoned that his own plan will be more useful to God. God asked him to kill everybody and animal but he felt that getting some cattle for offering to God will be a better plan. Guess what? He was rejected as king in Israel because of this act of his and his unrepentant heart.


Listen, when God has given you instruction, you have no option than to stick to it totally.  If you have submitted to His lordship, you must stick to His ways; it doesn’t matter if the wrong way works or seems to produce quicker result. No matter how good your intention is, if your actions contradict God’s way, you have set out on the path of destruction without knowing. If you are an employee, God has instruction for you on how you should go about your job and relate with your boss. To take to any other way for any reason is to take the way that seem right but ends in destruction.


God expects you to treat your spouse in a certain way, if due to her action or inaction, one satanic tip you read in useless magazines or what your Satan-driven colleague say  about women, you choose not to treat her God’s way, you have taken the way of destruction which will surely manifest unless you repent before the time of its manifestation.


In whatsoever you do or want to do, there is always God’s prescription, if you do it anyway short of that, for any reason, you have taken the way to stagnation and failure without knowing.


Take out time and check your choices and ways. How do you relate with your colleague or employer? How do you treat the poor you come in contact with? Do you not plot evil for people you pretend to be their friend? Do you not collect salary for work you don’t do? Do you owe people who work  for you for no reason without apologies? Are you sure you are not on a fast lane to destruction?


Begin to talk to God about it. If you have been on the path of destruction, ask him to forgive you and give you strength to stand firm on his word(s) at every point in time.


Make a commitment to remain ever faithful to Him; begin to talk to God…

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