It’s Bishop David Oyedepo who said, “Life is in phases, men are in sizes.” He advised, “Let each man occupy his place per time.”  I agree with him and want to also tell you that for everyone there is a phase of lean pocket – when you have very little yet have so much you need.

Unfortunately, this is a phase which if you are not careful, you will truncate your future. Many youths, being ignorant of how to survive this phase, toured the path of robbery, prostitution, cheating and all kinds of evil which got them some wealth but plunged them in perpetual pains.

That’s why this week on Money Manager, I want to share with you how to survive your phase of lean pocket.

Live Within Your Means

Get the facts about your current financial state and plan your expenses accordingly. This enables you spend the minimum possible to get the best of what you need. Don’t rent an apartment you can’t afford. It’s wisdom to manage one room in a face-me-I-face-you compound than renting rooms you can hardly afford. You won’t be there forever. You are on transient; God is making you so great that you will gift people houses. But for now, live in the reality of your phase.

Don’t shy away from welcoming anybody that wants to visit to your one room apartment; including that Bae you are eyeing. If the much she can see in you is your one room apartment, it’s either you really don’t have a future or she is blind and should be allowed to find her square root. Postpone the days of owning what you can’t afford. If you manage this phase properly, you will live and grow to buy whatever you want.

If you can’t afford that watch of your dream, use your phone to check time.  If you can’t afford a car, enjoy the fresh air from Keke. Once God changes your level, you won’t have such opportunity again.

If you can’t afford expensive hairstyle, pretend that the time wasted making is too much and use that time to read. LOL. Or just carry low-cut like Aunty Oby (Ezekwesili) until you can afford it.

Spend only when it is important and when you have many needs at hand, scale them to ascertain the need of utmost importance before spending.

Spend To Meet a Need Not To Impress

It’s crucial that while you are in your phase of lean pocket, you spending is aimed at meeting a need; not impressing anybody or trying to live up to standards set by people with silly view of life. No matter what people expect you are worth, if you are not worth, then you are truly not worth it. If I haven’t learnt anything from my close to a decade of listening to Pastor Bankie, I have learnt that I truly don’t have any mate in this life.

My life is mine and the race set before me is personal not even twins-nal, if I were a twin. That’s why I implore you to follow God fully, executing the assignment He has committed in your hands, pending when He decides to change your phase to financial abundance.

Sunny Obazu Ojegbase once wore shoe with whole under but God has increased him and blessed him with abundance. He now owns a conglomerate. Pastor Bankie married his wife without a car in a glorified one room apartment. Now he lives in a house and changes his wife’s care before she complains. God has increased him greatly.

Many great people we look up today once lived in a phase of lean pocket. You and I are not the first! And we will eventually leave this phase. That’s why it’s not cool to try to impress anybody by spending on what we can hardly afford.

I like you to know that when you spend to impress, you live in lie. You even cut short help from people who may want to help you because you spend to give the impression that you have what you don’t have.

Apply Some Financial Senses

There are some financial senses you need to apply at this your phase of lean pocket. If you use consumables, you may have to buy them in bulk instead of buying them in units because it’s cheaper.

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You may have to move to another town to buy some stuff you use. If the cost of going to that town and the time spend is cheaper than buying from the sellers in the town you stay, please go to the town. You won’t continue like this. It’s just because, your pocket is lean. It’s a phase; not a destination.

Cut down on luxury – things you can survive without. They are not indispensable! Look around you and figure out things you can do without and let go of them. You may have to reduce friction in your soup. Soup can still be eaten without go slows inside.

Your phase of lean pocket is not permanent; it’s temporary and will to end as soon as you corporate and do everything you are supposed to. Any method to change your phase that breaks the Law of God, will plunge you into sorrows.

Cut off financial distraction. My brother, you can’t be trying to survive and still acquire the burden of a girlfriend. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying you can’t help people of the opposite sex. I recommend that you make an effort to help people with your finance, no matter how small. But to put the burden of a lady or a guy on your weak financial muscle is not wisdom. My sister, leave expensive hairstyles. Spend the little you have making your head and you will be able to make any hair style you want.

Beware Of Financial Temptation

In phase of lean pocket, you are most likely to face many financial temptations – lure to solve your financial problem while disobeying God. Resist it. It’s not a solution; it’s a bait to plunge you into more troubles in life. Opportunity will present itself for you to use small lie to make money; resist it. Be careful not to rationalize any temptation presented to you.

For me, knowing that my life is in God’s hand and He is in absolute control makes me calm down and follow Him; irrespective of how little I have.

Invest As Much As Possible

One of the realities of your lean pocket phase of life is that it’s what you do in that phase that ushers you into the next phase. Invest in yourself massively. Do it so much that you naturally outgrow the phase or save as little as possible to launch out into bigger phase of life.

Beware Of Your Friend

Keep away from people that have so much a weak value that they will motivate you to use your little money foolishly. Don’t keep, as close friends, people whose lifestyle mount pressure on you to waste your meager resources.

As I leave you today, I like you to bear this in mind: your phase of lean pocket is not permanent; it’s temporary and will to end as soon as you corporate and do everything you are supposed to. Any method to change your phase that breaks the Law of God, will plunge you into sorrows.

May God be your helper!

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