Meeting Our Financial Needs

Meeting Our Financial Needs

BrojidStepUp.As humans, we have a wide range of needs and require money, directly or indirectly, to meet them. There are times when the means to meet the needs are not readily available to us and people seek different avenues to get the money they need.


Different people seek out diverse ways of making money and record some degree of success in their ways. It’s a matter of fact that there is a way that seems right to a man for making money but the result is destruction, pains and regrets.


For instance, many guys have subscribed to stealing, cheating and defrauding people on the internet while ladies take to prostitution (part time or full time) to make money. Usually, they all make money; plenty of them fast and easily. It’s only unfortunate that after making the plenty of money to meet their needs; they plunge themselves into all kinds of pains.


In the same vein, there are people that recognize their need for money; roll up their sleeves, soiled their hands to make money to not only meet their needs but to be a source of financial blessing to others. People like that have met their financial needs without attracting pains to themselves.


I desire that you don’t use any method that will help meet your financial needs and bring you regrets and pains. That’s why in this series, Work and Earn, my goal is to share with you my understanding on how we can meet our financial needs without courting regrets.


In the course of this series, I hope to open your eyes to wrong methods people have used to meet their needs and their consequences and point you to the regret-free path for meeting your financial needs.


Please feel free to ask me questions for clarification, show me where you hold different view to what I say and very importantly, share with someone that may need to read this. If you find time to let me know how useful the posts are, I will be glad to get your feedback. Join me Tomorrow as we continue on this matter on BrojidStepUp.


Have a great week ahead!



Ifeanyi Dinwoke

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