In the intro on this series, Work and Earn, I emphasized that we all have needs that directly or indirectly requires money and that in our quest to make money for meeting our financial needs, we should be careful not to court pains. God has put in place for anyone to build wealth and if we learn the system properly and apply them in our lives, we will not only meet our financial needs but be sources of financial blessings to many others. That’s why today I want to show you: God’s System for Wealth Generation. Please follow me.

I believe very strongly that the world was created by God and didn’t come by evolution and just as every good manufacturer does, God not only created the universe but designed systems for its efficient operations.


God developed a system for generating wealth for meeting out needs and being a source of financial blessing to others. His system is not by throwing money to us while we fold our arms. His system is not for us to just pray and watch Him drop money in front of our house.


Now, he may have done things like that in the past such as when he rained manna on the Israelites in the wilderness and feeding Elijah through a Raven. But those are not His standard systems. They are emergency and temporary measures designed to salvage a situation from deterioration.


His system for wealth creation is work. His system for directing financial abundance to us is through work.


Work simply means activities that create value for other people to satisfy their needs, wants or desire. It does not require being employed by another person or an organization; it involves creating a solution with a combination of your skills, trainings, talents and education.


His system is that you should create solutions for people, offer them what they never had or positively add value to their lives and they will give back to you.


You see, when we hear, ‘Give and it shall be given unto you,’ we often think it’s just about giving offering to God only. No; there is more to it. When you give value in your work, it shall be given back to you and as you continue increasing the quality and quantity of the value, you get given more until your bank account starts running over. That’s an application of that truth.


Father Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Solomon were very rich in their days. They cultivated their lands, reared animals and sold minerals and God blessed them through their works.


Some people erroneously think that all they need to meet their financial needs is to just pray, prophesy and wait on God to speak to someone who will just dash them money. Although, He does things like that, it’s rare. That’s why you don’t hear such testimonies all the time. It’s His remedy strategy or how He provides for pulpit ministers who are forbidden from placing a price tag on the gospel they preach. They get free will donation.


The recreated life in Christ doesn’t exempt you from working to earn. Apostle Paul who was the professor of the reality of new life in Christ worked to earn! He made tent and other Christians worked. That’s why they could sell their land and property and bring to the offering table.  In fact, Paul instructed the church, ‘If anyone refuses to work, you should not let him eat’, we said.’



please go to work! Stop sitting down at home waiting for call from telecom companies, banks and multinationals.  Go work and create value for someone! When you step out to give value, it shall be given unto you, good measure shaken together and running over.


Make no mistakes about this:  I believe in the power and place of prayers and prophecies for financial abundance. I take them seriously; however I know that prayers alone are not enough! Prayers, when answered, release wealth from God and you will receive power to make wealth.


Work is the platform for the manifestation of the abundance God has released to you. That’s why God always said to His people, ‘I will bless the works of your hands.’ In Psalm 1, the Scripture says to the blessed man, ‘Whatever he does shall prosper.’ V.3


His lifestyle highlighted in earlier verses qualifies him for blessing and that manifests in whatever he choose to do. If he did nothing, he shall not prosper despite the capacity to prosper that he has. You may have prayed, fasted, confessed, believed God for financial abundance; if you don’t have ‘works of your hands’ you limit the manifestation of the answer to your prayers.


My point?


God’s system for meeting your financial needs and turning you into a financial blessing to others is through your work! Therefore, please go to work! Stop sitting down at home waiting for call from telecom companies, banks and multinationals.  Go work and create value for someone! When you step out to give value, it shall be given unto you, good measure shaken together and running over.


Now, you may say, ‘Brojid, I don’t have work.’ I don’t believe you. You have work but can’t see it. Join me on the next episode of BrojidStepUp as I open your eyes to recognize your work.


Please do well to share this with someone else; it may be what he/she has needs to attain peak performance in their lives and work. Your questions and feedback are welcome through brojid@gmail.com.com



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