Many people make resolution but fail to keep them. There are myriad of reasons for this but the one I have found to be pivotal is the strength of their resolution. In this article, I want to share with you how to make strong resolution. By the way if you are in the pack of those who believe that resolution is not necessary, read my previously published article, The Power of Resolution. Now, let’s go on with the way of making strong resolution!


Recall that I had defined resolution as a decision to do or not do something. However, one doesn’t just decide to or not to do something for no serious reason. There are factors that result in the resolution. My understanding is that when people make resolution and it’s not based on conviction, that is strong persuasion, they hardly keep their resolution. Such resolutions are made not with any commitment or determination to keep them. Usually people make this kind of resolution at the beginning of the year, under pressure and extreme happiness. Now, I’m not saying that whenever resolutions are made at the beginning of the year, it will be broken. The point is that many people make resolution at the beginning of the year mainly as a routine. Resolutions are not meant to be made as a routine. But whenever one has a conviction to start or stop a kind of lifestyle.


Let me illustrate how strong and weak resolutions are made. If  youth, Deji, who, having seen how addiction to social networking sites affects his learning, academics or work, and is angry with its effects decided to use it only on weekends is making a strong a strong resolution. However, if Emeka, his roommate just decided to do the same ‘just’ because Deji’s resolution makes a weak resolution. The later can easily break the resolution since there is no force compelling him to keep from excessive use of social network. Believe me: If your resolutions are not based on conviction, events will make you break them shortly after your resolution; but if it’s based on conviction you will be able to weather through the storm that makes people break their resolutions. Just by the way, one of the reason people break their New Year resolution is because they are generally not based on conviction.



Another factor that can make a resolution strong is the intense desire for the gains of the consequence of keeping your resolution. You see, when you intensely desires something and have sent out in its pursuit, the energy generated by the desire helps you on keep going despite challenges on the way. I understand that people who make resolutions early in the year and break it didn’t plan it to be that way. There were temptations and pressures that made them unable to keep their resolution.


However, if they had had enough desire to reap the fruit of keeping their resolution, they would have stood a good chance of keeping it. If you want to make a strong resolution consider what you will gain when you succeed in keeping your resolution. I suggest that you write the benefit the same place you write your resolution. Always keep it on your mind. This will indeed add strength to your resolutions, especially when there is temptation not to keep your resolution.


At the risk of being tagged a pastor, I want to tell you clearly that life is spiritually controlled and there is a Supreme Controller – God. Guess what he wants for you and I? Good life full of fun productivity! Believe me he wants you to be productive in your workplace and even created you to be absolutely useful on this earth. However, Satan wants you to be useless and uses diverse kinds of things to distract you. As an example, he tempts some people to waste the spiritual   and physical energy God has deposited in them in immoral sex such that they will be so weak to fulfill their purposes on the earth. Satan works with his servants to tempt you to lust after the flesh and the world all in a bid to keep you doing that which God has created for. However, there is a power that works towards those that believe in Christ Jesus (Eph 1:19). This power does a whole lot of things; one of them is to strengthen us to obey God. You can indeed connect to the power today by believing in Jesus Christ.

When you know the right thing to but find it difficult to, don’t faint and do the wrong thing. Jesus was once in a situation where He knows what God’s him to do but was not feeling like doing it. Guess what He did? He started praying to God until angels strengthened him. This principle still works! When you have resolved to do or not do something and it seems difficult to do, go to God in prayer. In fact, I have seen myself is situation where I am under a kind of pressure to disobey God’s value or am afraid to boldly stand my ground and I mutter some prayers for help from God and became strengthened to obey Him. It was recorded that Jesus prayed until angles came and strengthened him to face the cross.

What have I said today? The keys for making strong resolution are making it based on conviction backed with strong desire to enjoy the fruit of keeping the resolution and connecting with superior power for strength. God’s grace to you in this year in Jesus name!

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