As human beings we encounter troubles; if not in our personal lives, then in the lives of our loved ones. Naturally, we never want troubles that come to us to remain. As a result, we make efforts to be delivered from them. Unfortunately, many end up compounding their troubles. That’s why in our quest for deliverance from our troubles, we must be careful to ensure we have the right (or better put, the best) approach.

One wrong approach to deliverance from trouble is looking for human connections as source of deliverance from troubles. This has led to heart breaks and persistence of trouble. The reason is that no human anywhere can truly give deliverance form trouble unless God has empowered him to do so. Meanwhile, even though, God has given man great abilities, there is a limitation to the manifestation of such abilities.

Please note that there is also a wrong attitude to trouble – hopelessness. No matter how big or complicated your trouble is,

See, if you compare your trouble with yourself or your connections, gloom will overwhelm you; especially when you think they are not enough to tackle your troubles. Even when you think they are big enough to deliver you from your trouble, you only put yourself in a position where you can be disappointed because man has limitations despite his powers, wisdom or authority.

you can be delivered from it, but if you lose faith in possibility of getting deliverance, you are doomed. Take it from me: no matter how big and complicated your trouble is, God can indeed, give you deliverance. That is why you must stop comparing your troubles with your abilities or the people you know. Start comparing your troubles with Almighty God who is All-wise, All-strategic, All-powerful and not limited by anything at all.

See, if you compare your trouble with yourself or your connections, gloom will overwhelm you; especially when you think they are not enough to tackle your troubles. Even when you think they are big enough to deliver you from your trouble, you only put yourself in a position where you can be disappointed because man has limitations despite his powers, wisdom or authority.

So far, I have shown you that the best person to call on in the time of trouble is nut human. But who is the most reliable person to call in the time of trouble? God! Why? He said you should call him and he will deliver you.

“Call to me when trouble comes; I will save you, and you will praise me.” Psa 50:15

 Guess what? Calling God is toll-free!!! Just ensure that there is network connection(through faith in Christ Jesus) and power supply in your phone(that’s faith in your heart) that sustain will the communication with God until you see deliverance.

Why not call on God to come to meet you in your trouble and roll away the troubles weighing you down. You have tried hard to remove your troubles without success. It’s a proof that you need God in that trouble. The people you know have put in a lot of effort to no avail; call God today!

When the Israelites were opposed by Pharaoh, they cried to God for deliverance and God heard them.  He called Mosses and sent him to deliver them. My friend, why  not cry unto Him for your deliverance today. If a Mosses needs to be involved, He will empower and send him to you.

He gave them deliverance despite Pharaoh’s frantic efforts to keep them in bondage. When the armies of the Moabites and co declared war against the Isrealites, King Johosephat knowing that the joint army will over power them was terrified. But he knew that God can deliver them from any trouble and he took the matter to Him. God delivered them from their trouble in his strategy without their even putting any effort in that direction(2 chro 20).

If you think your trouble is so complex that God is confused about how to deliver you, let me show you a classical case of complicated trouble which God handled excellently.

Joseph was a teenager hated by his siblings so bad that they sold him into slavery. Despite being a slave in a strange country, he was accused of attempted rape of a wife of top official in the Kings cabinet of the country. This led to his imprisonment in a land that none of his relations exists and the only relation he knows is the person that imprisoned him.


While in prison, he tried getting out through the human connection he got in the prison but it didn’t work out. In fact, the fellows forgot him. But when God decided to deliver him, there was no court sitting again. God arranged his deliverance, delivered and elevated him.

That is why I know that there is no trouble you and I can be into and call on God and he won’t deliver us. It’s only difficult when you see it through your eyes. See it through God’s eye and you can see how easy it is to deliver you from your trouble. Have you not noticed that little children because of their limited knowledge and understanding think some things are difficult but when an adult looks at it’ he knows what to do?

My friend, call on God today; He will deliver you. David who was hunted by his predecessor, King Saul, said after his victory, testified, “In my trouble I called to the LORD; I called to my God for help. In his temple he heard my voice; he listened to my cry for help.” (Psa 18:6). He went further to say that God shock the foundation of the earth to deliverer him.

Hannah called Him in her distress and bareness and He answered her.

God can destroy a whole army to deliver you. Like Mosses before the Red Sea, call on God in the midst of your trouble and you will be guaranteed of deliverance.

Again, let me remind you: He doesn’t need your offering (or what we call seed in church today) or even your work in church to answer you. Please don’t mention, at all, it as the reason to deliver you. It’s too small. Jesus paid that you may ask. That is why you must ask in His name. All God demands from you is the right to ask which you acquire by faith in Christ Jesus and trust that He will deliver you. (Your offering is for other purpose like showing that God is your supplier and a proof of your desire to expand the kingdom of God.)

Call on God today in your trouble and He will deliver you. He has delivered from several troubles.

A caveat! In giving you deliverance, He will use human beings like Mosses in the case of the Israelites. Be careful to ensure that you don’t start worshiping the human instrument He sends for your deliverance. Don’t also give glory to them. To say, “Thank you is just courtesy and giving the person encouragement and sense of fulfillment.” If you are impressed, tell them, “God bless you.” If God use you, thank God for the opportunity and forget about thank you from the person.


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