Today,  at Brojid.com, we have a guest minister in the person of Joshua Baasey and he shares with us why it seems as if the power of God has reduced or even  absent  unlike  what we read in the  bible. Please, let’s  make me welcome to the podium our guest mister today.

I read bible stories and marvel at the power and authority manifested by these people. Their covenant and the promises attached are nothing compared with what we have yet it appears as though they wielded authority more than we did. This disparity begs a question ‘Has The power of our God waned?’

If you have not asked this question before, then I admire your stance. Is it not because we mix old wine and new wine together that things appear the way they are? Is the reason not perhaps because the literal fear of God has departed from us? I don’t mean reverence, I mean fear in every meaning of the Word ‘fear’.

As a child, I knew the love of my father for me, but the knowledge of the fact that he will wield the rod when I step out of line reined me in. You see, he wasn’t being wicked. That was another side of his love for me. Now that I’m all grown, I look back and I’m grateful for those times. We have lost the fear of God!

His blessings also accompany the fear of Him. So, we approach God, yet we are not touched. Is that perhaps the reason why the world stands aloof to watch? I mean we struggle same as they do to make life meaningful. We behave exactly like they do and sometimes even worse. What has your faith translated to? What does your God have to offer that they don’t surpass you in having already?

Is their rejection of what we are offering perhaps the reason for our reclining close to ourselves? So, we enjoy ‘our things’ by ourselves as though that was the reason God went through such lengths, even the sacrifice of His Only Begotten Son. Some have adopted the maxim ‘if you can’t beat them, you join them’. We are immunising the world against the power of God residing in the Kingdom and made manifest in His Word. Is this another replay of phariseeism?

Power has always trailed the Word of the King. We have the word, why is the power weak? Does this not beg for answers?
A friend told me ‘Joshua, God is only committed to His Word, which holds His principles. He is not committed to religion or to our particular expression of it’. This is very true.

I hear the Spirit say ‘The sceptre of His Kingdom is truth and righteousness; mercy and justice. Those that will wield His power truly must be clothed with these always’. I am broken. Are you?

Joshua Baasey is a trained  medical doctor and  blogger @ jaybee013’s Blog

Ifeanyi Dinwoke

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