Once I was in a Christian gathering and someone speaking, there said that faith has failed him. I was surprised and wondered what he meant by that. Eventually, I found out, from stories he told us that happened to him that made him conclude that faith has failed him. Please, you will read it when I publish my article entitled, Walking by Faith or Desire. My focus today is to give my answer on whether faith ever really fails and why some people think that faith has failed them.

In our quest to understand whether faith eve fails, let’s first look at faith properly is especially as it is defined in the Heb 11:1To have faith is to be sure of the things we hope for, to be certain of the things we cannot see”(GNB).

Walking by faith is going about life being sure to get what you want or having a set of expectations and being sure of getting them even though you cannot see because you hope they will become a reality. Anybody can have expectations but the question is: how come many of such expectation don’t become a reality? The basis of expectation!

Let me explain: your expectation is what determines whether your faith will fail you or not. If it’s based on what you can see, your faith is likely to fail you. However, if it’s based on the word of God, it’s cannot fail. Goliath had the expectation of killing David based on his physical abilities. Guess what? His expectation failed him! David had expectation of killing Goliath based on the help of God Almighty and it did not fail him.

Please let’s go back to the heroes of faith outlined in the chapter we read earlier. They did not just wake up and cooked up expectations. They did not just desire something and hope to see them manifested. Their expectation has a foundation and that’s what made their story a manifestation of faith. Their expectation is founded on the word of God to them. Abraham was not expecting a child of His own at old age except that God came to Him with a word, “In Isaac I will…” (Gen 17:17-19) and that changed his expectation. That was why his faith did not fail him.

Faith is having a particular expectation not just because you desire what you expect but because you have discovered that that is the word of God to you or that it’s what God wants to do. Please permit me to add some flesh in the verse above to give you clearer picture of faith, “To have faith is to be sure (because of persuasion in the person of God) of the things we hope for (based on his word to you or understanding of His will), to be certain (because of confidence in his word and live accordingly) of the things we cannot see (because faith involves believing to see not seeing to believe).”

Faith generates power in your body, situation and environment that will bring about the manifestation of the word of God which you have believed to become a reality. Faith in our heart is the magnetic force that attracts on the earth the supernatural power to turn our hopeless situations around.


“And by faith Sarah herself had power to give birth, when she was very old, because she had faith in him who gave his word” (Heb 11:11BBE).


Many times, it appears as if faith has failed us when we think and act as though faith means getting a desire and going to God in prayer to bring our desires to pass without first finding out if it’s His will to bring our desire to pass.


Faith in God does not fail, it has never fail and it will not fail. What fails people is their personal desires which they think that by simply believing that it will manifest will make it a reality.

If you read your Bible one day and see that the word of God is that those who fear Him will be a fruitful as the olive tree (Psa. 112) and expect as well as go about talking about how you will give birth to so many children  despite contrary  signs or your family history, you are walking by faith and I tell you categorically, your faith will not ever faith you.

However, if you hear that in your wife’s linage, the women usually miscarry and because you just want to marry her and desire not to have a barren wife and therefore tell yourself that wife will bear children, you are not walking by true faith. You are simply walking by your desires and this does not place demand on the power of God that bring to existence what we hope to have by faith.

Look at the patriarchs of faith outlined in Heb 11, especially Noah and Abraham. They had faith to see what has never been done in the past just because the Word of God to them said so. Anytime and in any situation you and I discover the word of God and come to a state of faith in its manifestation in our lives, family, friends or organization, we are sure to see what we have faith for. We must be careful to ensure that in our faith in God, we don’t weaver in unbelief like Peter did in the sea and came sinking.

Many people say that faith has failed them when go to God in prayer with what they want and when they want and expect God to provide them without knowing whether God wants to give them what they are asking. That is why what we should believe God to do for us, family, organizations and country for by faith should be what we discovered from the word of God and because of discovery and faith in God to bring about the manifestation of his word.



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