Discover Your Kingly Place& Occupy Your Throne

Kingly place is a place where you are in charge and have control. It’s where you reign and have great influence. Kingly status makes you the master of a domain where dominanceis sure. I believe it’s a status to be desired. In our traditional setting, such statuses are conferred on people; but you can attain kingship without having people confer it on you by virtue of your discovering your place and taking full charge.


I am persuaded that everybody has the capacity to be king with a throne for himself where they will be adored. I don’t mean a replacement for God. I am talking about a status you attain by allowing the full attributes of God in you to glow that the world will look at you with awe and respect.


Unfortunately, many of us go through life without realization of any of our kingly potentials because we are either not aware of it or are not diligent in bringing it to reality. That’s why today on BrojidStepUp, my message to you is this:discover your kingly place and occupy your throne.

In whatever area of life you find yourself, you have the potentials and capacities that are unique to you and that will make you distinct from any other person on the surface of the earth. Although you may have some similarities with people, there is nobody that has a combination of your traits, character, lifestyle, orientation and background and that’s what makes you unique. It’s what makes you exceptional and it’s the refining and amplification of these uniqueness overtime that confers on you kingship in your field.


Your key to occupying your throne is discovering all that makes you unique, refining it and working on it until its usefulness to your world is undeniably glaring. When the world sees it, they will assemble to you and give you the place that is truly yours.



You know why I am bringing this message to you now?


Understand that it’s cool to be unique and when you start noticing that uniqueness, don’t suppress it because it doesn’t fit into societal expectations.When people want to impose on you their expectations from you that hide your uniqueness, don’t accept it. It’s that uniqueness that makes you invited for show when there are other musicians that can also sing. It’s the uniqueness that makes you invited to speak when there are other people that can also speak on the same topic. It’s what makes your company get a contract when there are others that have similar competencies.


Please don’t run off with the impression that I am telling you to just go out and do everything different for the sake of being unique and original. That is most certainly not what I am saying. My point is that your uniqueness is something you don’t have any control over; it just flows from you without your having to put in so much effort. It’s just there and as you live, you begin to see it manifest in what you do.


You also don’t need to work hard to make it manifest; it flows out naturally. I mean, it’s in you and it’s as you go about your work that they find expression. Many times you may not realise it; but as events unfolds, you will see a consistent pattern which points to the fact that you are unique in that area.


A lot of times people don’t allow their uniqueness manifest because they are trying to conform to established standards and norms of society. In fact, most times society mounts pressure on us to drop our uniqueness and embrace what they are used to. The problem with such conformation is that you can only be second rate if you succumb to the pressure to conform to another person.

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If you look closely at the powerful and influential people in our world, you will find out something striking about all of them – they are not like anybody! They have some shared attributes and ideology with people ahead of them; but they are unique on their own. They may have been influenced by someone but they are not like that person and that’s what gives them their place which no man can contest!


There are many preachers in the world, but TD Jakes, the preacher, is not a replica of anypreacher before him, including those that influenced him. When you watch Bovi the comedian perform, you can be sure he is himself and no other person. Of course he was influenced by the likes of Ali Baba and maybe Basket mouth; but he thinks, talks, laughs and performs differently. The likes of Nigga Raw and Slow Dogg were rapping in Igbo language but when Phyno came on the scene, he blazed his own trail.


He not only raps in Igbo but infused some style and elements in his works that give him the prominence and recognition he has today. For me, he is one of the most inspiring people as regards locating your kingly place and occupying your throne. When asked whether he feels the pressure to rap in English like Drake, he answered, “I am who I am, why will I change? There is no pressure at all, I am just living my life. If I really want to do music in English, I will. After all I started rapping in English but it’s not about the language anymore, it’s about doing what you know how to do, perfecting it and being known for something. You’d rather know me for rapping in Igbo than not know me at all. You have to stand for something or die for nothing, you make your rules, you stand by it.

I perform in African countries where they don’t understand the language and kill it.These international deals have nothing to do with language. The music that got Wizkid his international recognition are tracks like Ojuelegba, he spoke Yoruba in the song, his main verse was omitted after Drake and Skepta rapped, but his part of the song that remained was Yoruba.”


Phyno has attained the level of prominence that earned him brand ambassadorship and endorsement deals he would not have gotten if he tried to do it exactly like those ahead of him while suppressing his identity. You and I may not like Phyno’s personality, but there is, at least, a lesson we can take from his life: do what you know how to do, perfect it and be known by it and you will be a king in that your domain.



My point?


You are born unique; it’s that uniqueness that makes you stand out, gives you a place that is only yours. Don’t allow society pressure to become like another person keep you down. Don’t think yourself inferior that you go taking up people’s personality instead of allowing yours to manifest. Even though people will influence your life and craft; don’t hide your identity in theirs.Discover your kindly place and occupy your throne!

Joseph Dinwoke

Joseph Dinwoke

Joseph 'Brojid' Dinwoke is a Media Strategist, Web Developer & Book Publisher. At Brojid World, he creates blog, podcast, and book that inspire you for peak performance in life and work. He is madly in love with Chidinma Eberechukwu ( who agreed to be the wife of his youth!

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