Last week on YouthCruise, I asked you about your time. I called your attention to the power of your time and pointed out the need for you to live every day with the consciousness of it. I ended by raising the question: are you wasting your time or trading it?


I asked the question because time is a resource that God has given to each and every one of us and we can either invest it for greater yield or spend it and it won’t appreciate.



While we all have equal share of time every day, what we derive from them differs depending on what we do with the time at our disposal.  That’s why you find people who always claim that why they can’t do what they should is because of time; yet people who are even more busy are able to get more value for their time.



You find youths who claim that they can’t engage in self-development because they don’t have time to read, take online courses or listen to audio programs that can make them better.



You find youths who spend hours on social media, watching pictures on Instagram or Facebook, reading endless posts that makes little or no difference in their lives, yet can’t settle down to read 15,000 words book that can enrich their mind and make them more resourceful to their world.



As a youth, if you waste your time or merely spend it, you will grow up to the reality of your tactless use of your time. It’s what you give into your future by the way you use your time today that determines what you can get from it tomorrow.



It’s irresponsibility on your part to download and spend time watching comedy and comic videos every day without devoting a good chunk of your time to downloading and watching videos that teaches how to become a better you and even empower you to be better in your career and work.



I quite understand that your time is yours and you are at a liberty to use it as you deem fit, but when the reality of a wasted youthful days dawns on you, your relations, friends and society directly or indirectly takes a share if it.



When you can’t take care of your children because you failed to invest your youthful days in developing your capacity to create value for others, you will go begging. Your children may take to all kinds of crime and shameful living for survival. That’s why I call on you today to please be responsible for the use of your time.



Listen, your youthful days are our time to lay solid foundation for the future we desire. It’s your season to prepare and get equipped for the future we want to have.



Your resourcefulness as a person determines your influence and earning capacity. The days of your youth are the time to develop capacity so as to be a resource to your world.



It’s a time to learn and get trained on being a father, husband, mother and wife, so that when the time to occupy those offices comes, you are fully equipped to fit in. Don’t waste it on frivolities. Don’t waste it on fruitless relationships!



Make no mistakes about this, I don’t discourage your use of social media. I know a number of people that invest wisely the time they spend on social media maybe due to the nature of their work. I am one of them. Perhaps you are reading or got the link to this post on social media. However, I ensure that I don’t spend too much time there and even while in social media, I stick with work! It’s once in a while that I come there for chatting.




You waste your time when your use of your time has no significance into your future. You waste your time when you sit down to engage in conversations that doesn’t enrich you. You waste your time when you spend your time with time killers.



However, investing your time involves ensuring that what you use your time for will yield positive result for you in the future. It means that even though you are at liberty to live your life the way you choose; you are careful to ensure that you use it for the best return.


My point?


Time is a universal resource every human being has in equal measure. It’s the way we use it that determines the outcome of our lives.  Youthful age is a foundational part of your life and it’s how you use it that determines what becomes of your tomorrow.


Let me leave you with the words of Pastor W.F Kumunyi in his devotional, Higher Everyday, “Success depends on how best you utilize the gift of time at your disposal to the benefit of your achievement.”


Please don’t waste your time; invest it!


Your days as a youth is your time to create the future you desire, join me next week on Youth Cruise as we learn how to Empower Your Future with Your Today.

Meanwhile, if you need help with gaining control of your time, get in touch with us for a live or online coaching session that will help you put your time to maximum use. Do well to freely share this post with another person; it may be what someone needs to attain peak performance in his life and work.

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Joseph Dinwoke

Chief Content Officer at Brojid World
Joseph 'Brojid' Dinwoke is a University of Nigeria trained Biochemist with a Post Graduate Diploma in Mass Communication from Bayero Unversity, Kano. He was a Radio Producer/Presenter at Radio Nigeria's Voice FM, Nsukka; Reporter & presenter at Raypower FM, Kano. At present, he works as the Chief Content Officer at @BrojidWorld and Lead Media Strategist at @FrateeMedia. At Brojid World, he creates blog, podcast and book contents that will inspire you for peak performance in life and work. He is madly in love with Chidinma Eberechukwu ( who agreed to be the wife of his youth!

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