Once again, our mission on YouthCruise is to share with you insights and inspirations that will empower you to maximize the opportunities you have today and prepare you for a great future. It’s in the spirit of this mission that I ask you, “What’s up with your time?” I don’t expect you to tell me what it is by your time now but how you have been using your time. This week on YouthCruise, I want to draw your attention to the power of your time and season of life.

You see, time is a universal and equal gift God gave to everyone and it’s the way you use this gift that makes the difference between you and the next person. That’s why some people make thousands of Naira within the same time that others while away and a student covers the bulk of his course work within the same time frame that another student spends on watching football and chatting away in the hostel.


That’s why I suggest you ask yourself this question: Am I using my time profitably or wastefully? Will I wake up tomorrow to regret the way I used my time today or not?” If you can always ask yourself these questions, you will always be conscious of how you use it and ensure that it’s not ever wasted.


I’d like you to know that life has been divided into times and seasons and it’s the way you use a particular season that determines how the next season will turn out. The same way a farmer has planting season and harvesting season, that’s how your life and mine has been divided. If you waste the opportunities you have within your planting season, you will wake up to regret your past. I have heard people say things like ‘I wish I had known this or that before now’. I have also seen people live in bitterness as a result of the way they used their youthful days. The good news is that you can escape that by applying wisdom in the use of your time today.



Many people regret at mid age because they squandered their gift of time with which they would have used to lay a solid foundation for their future and seize opportunities.  That is why you find people who have come of age to get married, but cannot simply because they wasted their season of developing their capacity to be competent spouses financially and mentally.


And many have even gone ahead to get married and are struggling with taking care of their homes because they did not harness their potentials to earn! While their mates worked hard at learning a trade, going to school, or acquiring skills, they were busy looking for a white man to defraud on the internet or sleeping around with men.


Whatever you want to see or become in your future, today is the season to plant the right seed for it. That’s why I ask you: what’s up with your time? What are you doing with the time? How are you utilizing your time to plant adequate and appropriate seed for your future. Are you using your time to chat away on social media or taking online courses? Are you using your time to watch porn or watching inspiring talks and educating YouTube videos?


Are you spending your time discussing people, backbiting others instead of engaging in intelligent, uplifting and inspiring conversations? Do you spend your time on TV programmes or activities that add little or no value to your life?


You can spend your time in foolishness by the kind of activities you engage your time with but it doesn’t make sense!  You see, nothing is wrong with comedy but time is one of the limited resources you and I have. That’s why in using it we must place our priority right. Jokes and comedies are for relaxation. It should be very low on your scale of preference. My dear, it doesn’t make any sense to spend hours online downloading and steaming comedies while there are training materials that can empower you to become more resourceful to both yourself and your world!


Every day that’s gone cannot be recovered; it’s gone and gone forever! As the days are passing by so, are you drawing closer to old age. I know that you are a youth; but as the day passes by, your youthful days are obviously reducing in number. I am sure you don’t want to wake up at your mid age to realize that you squandered your time as a youth on wasteful ventures.  You need to recognize your seasons and make the most of your time in each season to acquire the future you really desire!


My point?


Your time is your gift with which you are expected to utilize all the opportunities and potentials at your disposal to create the future you desire. Please don’t waste it. Spend it wisely!


Before I leave today, I’d like to ask you: are you wasting or trading your time?  We will talk about it next time on YouthCruise; join me next week.

Meanwhile, if you need help with gaining control of your time, get in touch with us for a live or online coaching session that will help you put your time to maximum use. Do well to freely share this post with another person; it may be what someone needs to attain peak performance in his life and work.

Ifeanyi Dinwoke

Ifeanyichukwu 'Brojid' Dinwoke is a Media Strategist, Web Developer & Book Publisher. At Brojid World, he creates blog, podcast, and book that inspire you for peak performance in life and work. He is madly in love with Chidinma Eberechukwu (@chidinmadinwoke) who agreed to be the wife of his youth!

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